Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has been around for some 100 years and is currently celebrated in almost 50 countries throughout the world, though on different dates. In Hong Kong, we will be honouring all mothers on May 14th. This day was established so all of us can remember how important it is to tell mothers that we cherish and love them.

If you are a helper in Hong Kong you might want to use this special day to bond with the children you are caring for by helping them make wonderful gifts – handmade gifts crafted with love mean so much more –  for their moms and surprise them when they least expect it! And there is no shortage of inspiration online: from handprint flower bouquets to handmade cards, certificates of World’s Greatest Mom or bead necklaces, you name it. Many tutorials are available online and will surely inspire you! Otherwise, you could help them write a poem to express how much they care or simply help them bake a cake or biscuits. No matter how they decide to say ‘Mom, I love you’ she will love it! And you’ll have a lot of fun too!

As you’ve probably experienced it, there is nothing more difficult than being far from those we care about the most – especially your children –, particularly on occasions like this one. Your helper is probably a mother too; being away from her children is surely hard on her – even if she doesn’t show it. Letting her know that you and your children care about her on that special day will certainly warm her heart. If you’re lacking inspiration, just go for some flowers or sweets; who doesn’t enjoy them? You could also help your children craft something for her and at the same time get to spend some quality time with them. No matter what you decide, she sure will appreciate the gesture and feel loved and appreciated.

Let us take this opportunity to show all moms around us how important they are and how much we appreciate everything they do for us!