Offer a special gift to your mom on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day: Special Gift for a Special Person

Celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May is a tradition since the early 20th century. It is not a public holiday, however, it’s widely celebrated as a special day to honour all mothers and motherhood all over the world. All children wish to offer a special gift to this very special person who has been doing so much struggle, just to keep them happy and to fulfil their dreams.

The best gifts come from the heart. What about making a handcrafted present that a mother will treasure forever?

If you are a helper, you can help your little wards make wonderful gifts for their moms and surprise the mothers when they least expect it! Many ideas and tutorials are available online and will surely inspire you.

  • With a simple sheet of paper and coloured pencils, the can make a wonderful drawing or a “Best Mom certificate” their moms will hang on the wall.
  • Find few fantasy pearls and craft a necklace or a bracelet.
  • Using a nice gift paper and a little piece of velvet, you can transfer a basic cardboard box in a fancy jewellery box.

No matter what the present is, the only important thing is to show the mother how much she’s loved!

If you are an employer, you probably know that most of the helpers working abroad made this difficult choice to leave their children in the home country to ensure a better living for the little ones. There is nothing more difficult than being far from those we care about the most, particularly on occasions like Mother’s Day. You can show your helper that you care about her taking advantage of this special day. Why not craft a gift for her with your children? She sure will be touched by a kind gesture.

Let us take this opportunity to show all moms around us how important they are and how much we appreciate everything they do for us!

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