10 Helper Cooking Classes in Hong Kong

Cooking classes are surely the best way to build up your helper’s confidence in the kitchen and enable her to master new skills, learn the art of cooking in different cuisines and become more creative about food. There are many options of cooking classes for your helpers out there. Read on to find just what you have been looking for all along.


  • Towngas runs basic cookery classes targeted at helpers. Their Introduction to Chinese Cooking course will teach your helper everything about Chinese cuisine. She’ll get to learn several new cooking techniques and tricks! Cost: HK$320 per class and per person.


  • YMCA offers a full range of classes for helpers to sharpen their cooking skills with both basic and intermediate cooking classes.


  • SuperHelper has developed a comprehensive training curriculum with various workshops for domestic helpers in Hong Kong to master the art of cooking.

Their Western and Asian Cooking workshops will teach your helper the basics of Western and Asian cuisines as well as new recipes. You can sign her up to one of their 5-day programs (around the following themes: Summer Cooking, Western Cooking, and Asian Cooking) for just HK$2,500.

The Dining and Entertaining workshop includes 2 sessions of 5 hours each to build up your helper’s confidence and skills so she can turn into a great host of dinner parties for your family and friends. Cost: HK$200.

SuperHelper also offers an Online Cooking Course for your helper to learn basic cooking skills and techniques from the convenience of your home. Cost: HK$240.


  • Naomi’s kitchen offers Japanese cuisine cooking classes with a strong focus on healthy recipes aimed at domestic helpers. You’ll be amazed as your helper will be able to prepare sunomono and cabbage rolls among several other high-end Japanese dishes.


  • Todini Caffe’s chefs run private lessons for domestic helpers to learn the basics of authentic Italian cuisine. Gnocchi, gorgonzola sauce, and pizza are only a small fraction of the dishes your helper will have the opportunity to master. Cost: from HK$300 per dish.
    Tel: +852 9506 1686


  • Spatu.La has designed several hands-on courses targeted at domestic helpers to learn cooking basics and widen their cooking repertoire. Their Help for your Helper course is a month-long programme that enables domestic helpers to know their way around the kitchen (and learn everything about maintenance, hygiene, and storage among other things). At the end of the programme, your helper will master 14 new dishes in American, Mexican, Italian and British cuisines. Cost: HK$3,200 for 4 classes.


  • Sav’s Cooking specializes in teaching Indian cuisine. The Intermediate Indian Cooking Class is a 4-day course over 4 weeks with a strong focus on healthy and vegetarian cooking practices. Your helper will gain knowledge of key spices and their benefits and will become comfortable picking the right ingredients. She will also learn to prepare 16 dishes in total. Cost: HK$700 per session and per person.


The Side Dishes Cooking course will give your helper the opportunity to learn more about gluten-free cooking and ingredient substitution. The main menu includes Ottolenghi hazelnut and red pepper salsa as well as sweet corn polenta with aubergine. Cost: HK$600.

The Baby Food course focuses on baby’s well-being. After the course, your helper will be able to prepare from scratch homemade formula, teething biscuits, purees and a large range of nutritious meals for your baby. Cost: HK$500.

Healthy is definitely the new black. Thanks to the Hong Kong Helpers Cookery Classes’ Breakfast Course, your helper will be comfortable picking the right ingredients (and understanding their benefits), know how to substitute them when necessary and add shakshuka and feta muffins – among many other dishes – to her repertoire! Cost: HK$600.


  • HK French Cooking Class has designed French Cooking classes for helpers to acquire preparation and cooking techniques. Your domestic helper will learn to cook mouth-watering dishes such as crème Dubarry soup, pan fried salmon with Hollandaise sauce and delicious Poires Belle Hélène for dessert. Cost: HK$650.


  • Martha Sherpa’s Cooking Classes runs Chinese and Thai cuisine classes in English (other languages are possible on request) to learn all about barbequing, marinating, and deep frying techniques. The cost for a full-day lesson: HK$1,680.