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Cooking Classes in Hong Kong For Domestic Helpers

Cooking classes are surely the best way to build up your domestic helper’s confidence in the kitchen, enable her to master new skills, learn the art of cooking in different cuisines and become more creative about food. There are many options for cooking classes for your domestic helper out there. Read on to find just what you have been looking for all along.

Cooking class for domestic helpers
  • Towngas runs basic cookery classes targeted at . Their Introduction to Chinese Cooking course will teach your domestic helper everything about Chinese cuisine. She’ll get to learn several new cooking techniques and tricks! Cost: from HK$220 per class and per person.
  • SuperHelper has developed a comprehensive training curriculum with various workshops for domestic helpers in Hong Kong to master the art of cooking. Their cooking workshops cover Asian and Western cuisines. Cost: HK$500 per class and per person.
  • YMCA’s Overseas Domestic Workers Programmes offers a full range of classes for domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Domestic helpers can sharpen their baking skills with both basic and intermediate classes included in the programmes. Cost: HK$580 per person for 3 sessions (discounted price for domestic helpers).
  • HK French has designed French Cooking classes for domestic helpers to acquire preparation and cooking techniques. Your domestic helper will learn to cook mouth-watering dishes such as crème Dubarry soup, pan-fried salmon with Hollandaise sauce and delicious Poires Belle Hélène for dessert. Cost: HK$580-600 per class and per person.
  • Cook Like A Chef‘s cooking classes offer a tutorial of 3 recipes. All of their cooking classes are available for domestic helpers to enrol. They provide students with certificates to authenticate their participation and tasters to take home. Cost: HK$450 per class and per person.
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Casey Li
Casey Li
1 month ago

my maid loves to join the cooking class

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