Where can domestic helpers receive Covid-19 tests and vaccines in Hong Kong?

Due to the discovery of an untraceable mutant strain of N501Y and E484K in the community. Starting from 30 April 2021, all foreign in Hong Kong have received a compulsory test before May 9 as an order of government. The new regulations about the agreement of covid-19 vaccination will be added to the Standard . The Labour Department will give a detailed account after confirming the details. Here is some information about where and how to receive the Covid-19 test and vaccine.

Where to receive a vaccine?

Starting from 15 March 2021,  domestic helpers are given priority for vaccination. The government has set up community vaccination centers in 18 districts in Hong Kong to provide vaccination services to the public. We encourage domestic helper to book for the vaccination through the 24-hour online appointment system.

Document needed: 

  • Original identification documents  (ID card/ passport)
  • Proof of priority vaccination group ( employee ID card, appointment card, employer letter)
  • Copy of  appointment confirmation 

Where to receive Covid 19 test?

Mobile sampling stations 

The Labour Department will set up mobile sampling stations to provide free Covid-19 testing services for foreign domestic helpers. The government will provide combined nasal and throat swab sample collection services in this session. 


  1.  Chater Road Pedestrianisation (Central)
  2.  Entrance of Hing Fat Street in Victoria Park (Causeway Bay)
  3.  Entrance of Lai Chi Kok Park (Mei Foo)

Opening Hours : 10 am to 5 pm 

Required document: Hong Kong identity card or passport  (No appointment required for testing)

Community Testing Centres

The government has set up a community testing center in Hong Kong to provide citizens with self-financed testing services for the general community.

Two Steps of testing

1. Online appointment / on-site registration

The testing center will give priority to providing services to citizens who have made an appointment. For booking through the online 24-hour system, you only need to fill in basic personal information and select the testing location and time slot (every 30 minutes is a time slot). You may also go to the testing center to register and conduct testing directly. After completing the reservation, you will receive a short message to confirm your appointment date and time, along with the name and reference number of the community testing center. 

2. Go sampling

Documents you needed

  • Original identification documents 
  • SMS with the appointment confirmation 
  • Documents needed for to the destination ( passports or other travel documents)  * not available during the travel ban

The staff with relevant medical training will collect your samples and provide a sample bottle with a serial number for registration. After completing the sample taking, you will receive an SMS with your reference number and sample bottle serial number later to confirm that you have completed the registration.

Important note: HelperChoice shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of the Information.

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