Five Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in Hot Weather

A fan can bring huge difference to the room temperature

As summer is looming, most of us are already dreading the hot temperatures. One of the main annoyances is definitely managing to sleep under elevated temperatures. Although the ideal sleeping temperature differs for each of us, research has shown that weather does affect sleep and hot temperature can cause more stress – of course, this varies greatly across individuals – resulting in sleeping disorders.


Achieving a cooler room temperature is crucial especially in bedrooms as bedroom temperature makes a substantial difference when guaranteeing sleep quality. However, in Hong Kong and Singapore, the size of most apartments doesn’t make it any easier to ventilate properly limiting the options to lower air temperature. Creativity becomes key when rethinking our interior design especially when it comes to helpers’ rooms – given their size and the fact that many do not have actual windows – to ensure they can sleep comfortably throughout the summer.

A fan can bring huge difference to the room temperature

A few options are available to make hot temperatures more bearable, in particular during the nights.

(1) One option that you might want to consider is installing a fan if your room doesn’t have one yet. It can make a stark difference.

(2) You might not be aware of it – it is a common misconception– but it is actually possible to install air con units in an enclosed space. So, an alternative could be installing one in your helper’s room even if it doesn’t have any window. If that’s too much trouble you can consider installing an air circulator to channel air from a nearby air-conditioned room into hers.

(3) Another valid option that is worth considering is portable air conditioning. A great selection of affordable and decent quality air con units is available on the market.

(4) Beds and beddings can also make a difference when it comes to lowering body temperature. Bamboo mats or straw mats added on top of the mattress are a popular and relatively cheaper choice to remove body moisture and heat.

Add a bamboo mat on her mattress for a cool touch

(5) Finally, some special paints bring temperatures down – we suggest that you go for lighter colours and especially whites.


Now, you sure know everything there is to know. You are ready – and so is your helper – to sleep comfortably even during summer nights. No matter what you decide, before making any changes make sure you ask your helper what she prefers – especially when it comes to installing air con – as some people might not fancy it and find it too cold.