Should You Send Your Helper to a First Aid Course?

During a helper first aid course your helper will also learn child CPR

Having a medical emergency is a worry for everyone. Especially if you are not at home and your helper takes care of your children or elderly parents.

Accidents can happen everywhere and to anyone. No one likes them and everyone worries about them, especially when it comes to kids or bed-ridden parents. You may consider sending your helper to a helper first aid course, but they can be expensive and it may take you a while to find the right course. And then, is it really necessary to do it? Answer these three questions and decide what you want to do.

#1 The helper has already received first aid training in her home country, is it good enough? 

Every Indonesian and Filipino domestic helper has to undergo training in her home country before she can work in Hong Kong. In some cases, this training is 1 week, in other cases it can be as long as a month. During the training helpers are taught everything from cooking Chinese dishes, to folding the bed, to what to do in a medical emergency, depending on the topics the training covers.

Although your helper may have undergone a first aid training at the agency, it can be very basic and your new helper may not remember everything as she is learning a lot of things at the same time. Most employers seem to agree that the helpers will receive the best training on the job. The best way is to go over medical emergency scenarios together so that you have an understanding of how much she knows.

#2 Is it enough to discuss emergency situations with her?

If you believe you have sufficient medical knowledge, you can sit down with your helper and discuss the common injuries and medical emergencies that can occur. Show her where your first aid kit is or prepare one for her with everything in there that is needed. Discuss step by step what to do in case of bleeding, burns, poisoning or unconsciousness. You may even want to show her how to apply a bandage, how to lay an unconscious person and so on.

But most of the time, you are not an expert either and may have only basic understanding of medical situations. It is often much harder to teach someone and you may not be able to identify what exactly your helper is doing wrong.

During a helper first aid course your helper will also learn child CPR

Do you know how to do child CPR?

#3. Is it enough to tell her to call the emergency number?

In case there is a major issue like heavy blood loss, falling on the head, electrocution, poisoning and so on, she should call 999 and request an ambulance. You should prepare all the important numbers including the building management, your doctor and the emergency number at a visible place e.g. on the fridge door.

However, in case of an accident, sometimes calling the ambulance is not enough. She may have to perform CPR or cover heavy bleeding before the ambulance arrives. Actions taken in the first few minutes following an accident can make a dramatic difference.


I have decided I want to send my helper to a first aid course. Now what?

There are many first aid courses in Hong Kong. You can choose to send her a to a first aid course dedicated to domestic helpers because the training will be catered to the situations they encounter. We’ve listed some helper first aid courses available in Hong Kong.

Name Course Course duration Price per person Language Location
Hong Kong Red Cross Domestic Helper First Aid Course 8 hours HK$340 (English class), HK$280 (Cantonese class) English or Cantonese Various
Best First Aid Infant and child first aid and CPR 3 hours HK$1,250 English Sai Kung
Matilda Paediatric Emergency First Aid 8 hours HK$1,500 English The Peak
St John Extended Elderly Care for Domestic Helpers 6 hours HK$500 English Various

Make sure you check if she is getting a certification, and if so for how long it’s valid. It may be good to invest in renewing it if she is still with you after 2 to 3 years. HelperChoice smart and awesome members in Hong Kong can benefit from free domestic helper first aid training at Hong Kong Red Cross sponsored by our partner insurance company. Check here to learn how to benefit from free first-aid training with your membership. If you want to know more about the insurance partnership, read this article.