Typhoon can bring massive damage to the city

Strong Typhoon Signal: Precautionary Measures and Domestic Helper Work Arrangement

Summer is the typhoon season in Hong Kong. Get prepared with these safety tips.

Precautionary measures for strong typhoons

Make sure you have enough and essential groceries at home. Plan beforehand, as most stores and supermarkets will close if the Typhoon Signal Number 8 (or higher signal) is hoisted. Keep an eye on the Hong Kong Observatory’s website for T8 (strong typhoon) warnings, and follow the news if possible.

Make sure that all loose objects outside, whether on balconies, verandas, or rooftops, are secure. Bring flower pots and other things that can be blown away inside, and secure anything that could blow over in strong winds. If possible (and only if there is plenty of time), clear outside drains to avoid them overflowing.

Remember to stay inside as the typhoon approaches! Keep away from exposed, large windows and doors, and even close doors inside the house so they don’t slam shut. Make sure that are in the least exposed part of the house.

You can fix adhesive tape to exposed windows so that if they do break, they will not shatter into tiny pieces.

If a T8 (or above) signal is in force on a domestic helper’s rest day

The employer should consider one of the following possible arrangements:
1. Advise your domestic helper not to go out for safety reasons, take the holiday at home and rest. Remember, you cannot ask the helper to work if she chooses to rest at home.
2. Ask your helper if she is okay to rearrange the rest day to another day, and work indoors.
3. If your helper insists on going out on the rest day, remind her to avoid staying at outdoor areas. However, bear in mind that you are responsible for her medical expenses if your domestic helper is injured on her rest days.

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