3 Things to Keep in Mind to Find the Right Helper

Hiring the right helper is difficult. Keep these 3 things in mind.


Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to hire a helper. Perhaps you are expecting a baby, or will start working full-time. Whatever the reason you’re looking for a helper, finding the right helper is important. Here are some helpful tips.

#1 Consider your lifestyle

In understanding what suits your needs, you’d have to know yourself well enough. This means that when deciding on which helper to interview, you have to consider your lifestyle because you need someone who can fit with your way of living. Do you have an active lifestyle and do you like to travel a lot? Or are you the type who normally stays at home on weekends and prefers low-key activities? Determining these things will help you understand whether a younger or an older domestic helper will fit your needs, for example. It also sheds some light on the type of personality your potential helper should have.

Hire a right helper for your family

#2 Consider your family

Another important detail to consider when looking for maids is your family. If you have a big family, you should hire a domestic helper who is efficient and can handle a jam-packed daily schedule. In a big family, a helper may have to attend to the needs of several people, so she has to be able to work well under pressure. If you are hiring a helper to assist with a sick elderly person, you may want to hire someone who has studied nursing or has previous experience with elderly care.

#3 Consider her culture

As a general rule, culture should not be an issue when hiring a domestic helper. Before even deciding to employ a foreign domestic helper, you should already be aware of potential differences in your traditions and ways of life. In general, there should be no big issues, but if you’re a strict Muslim you may prefer to hire an Indonesian who has a similar cultural background. At the same time, her cultural preferences are also important.

Good luck finding the right helper for your family!