Everything You Need to Know about Your Helper’s Family Visiting

Your helper’s children in the Philippines are planning a visit to town to see their mother and you are wondering how things are going to unfold, logistically speaking. The following information will shed some light on the – sometimes quite tedious – process your helper must go through to have her family over.

What’s the process like for my helper?

Your helper will have to go through various steps and make sure that all the necessary paperwork has been processed – especially…

Dealing with Domestic Helper Cultural Differences

We’ve all heard about cultural differences, especially in families with domestic helpers. But what are common cultural differences and how can you avoid letting them turn into issues?

Due to varying upbringings, cultures and situational factors, people from different backgrounds do many things differently. Just as German and French people have different eating habits, so do we all have different habits around the house.

We have often heard about the big cultural differences,…

HelperChoice Salary Survey: Areas where Middle Eastern Employers Pay Domestic Helpers the Least and the Most

HelperChoice, the online platform that matches employers with domestic workers at no cost to helpers, analysed data from close to 2,000 recent job ads posted by its users between January and August 2017. The salary of foreign domestic workers in the Middle East does not include the food allowance, costs of accommodation, agency fees, flight costs or medical benefits.

For the second year, The United Arab Emirates pay the highest salary among the Gulf countries, nevertheless,…

How to Cope when your Helper is Sick

Foreign domestic helpers (FDWs) have become such a vital part of our lives. They provide us with valuable extra-hands at home by helping out with the household chores, looking after the kids and elderly parents. Finding out that our helper is sick might just feel like the worst news ever especially when it is sudden.


What should I do if my helper is sick?

No matter how unexpected it is or how difficult a position it might put you in, it is crucial – and your responsibility as…

5 Common Domestic Helper Problems Faced by Employers

How to deal with helper problems?

Hiring a domestic helper for your house is great! It allows you to focus on more important things such as work and your spouse and kids while your helper does the chores like cleaning, sweeping, or dusting your house. But like anything else, having a helper means you’ll have challenges along the way. Be prepared for these 5 common helper problems. Most of these problems don’t have to lead to dismissals. Instead, with good communication…

Is There a Probationary Period when I Hire a Domestic Worker?

Before hiring a foreign domestic worker (FDW), it is essential to have a good knowledge and understanding of your rights and obligations as an employer and those of your employee-to-be. Here is everything you need to know about probationary periods.

Is there a probationary period for FDWs?

Employers often assume that foreign domestic helpers have to undergo a probationary period to evaluate whether they are a ‘good fit’ and after which both parties can decide whether …

HelperChoice Salary Survey: Areas where Hong Kong Employers Pay Helpers the Least and the Most

HelperChoice, the online platform that matches employers with domestic workers at no cost to helpers, analysed data from about 3,000 recent job ads posted by its users.


The mean salary offered to helpers is HK$4,545, or HK$235 (5.4%) more than the current minimum wage for domestic workers of HK$4,310. This is very encouraging for foreign domestic workers (FDW) as this difference is 23% higher than the one calculated in last year survey.


Data shows that domestic…

How to Take Care of the Elderly?

Looking after the needs of the elderly can be physically and emotionally draining for caregivers as it requires time, commitment, and hard work. Caring for an elderly individual who suffers a health disease or a particular condition can be even more demanding as they need extra and specific attention. Here are some tips to help you care for loved ones in the comfort of your home:

Make your home safe for elderly people by having anti-scald devices and grab bars installed in the shower…

Does my Domestic Helper’s Nationality Matter?

Searching for the right helper is not always an easy task as there is a lot of contradicting information out there that can cause confusion among employers-to-be. It can be difficult to distinguish between urban myths and actual truths. Whether a helper’s nationality matters when looking at hiring help to give us a hand at home depends on your needs and requirements.

It is important to avoid falling into stereotypes by linking certain personal attributes – such as honesty,…

What Are the Consequences of Having a Live-Out Domestic Helper?

The popularity of live-out domestic helpers in Hong Kong has been rising in recent years. But what are the consequences?

By Janet Salim

Reasons for live-out arrangements

This arrangement has gained favour amongst employers for many reasons. One such reason is the small sized houses in Hong Kong, which makes it more convenient for employers for their foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) to live out than to live in. On the same note, such an arrangement is preferable among helpers …