Tips to Improve the Relationship with Your Domestic Helper

Hiring a domestic helper for your house is great! It allows you to focus on more important things such as work and family while your domestic helper does the household chores like cleaning, sweeping, or dusting your house. But like anything else, having a domestic helper means you’ll have challenges along the way. Be prepared for these 5 common domestic helper problems. Most of these problems don’t have to lead to dismissals. Instead, with good communication you can improve your relationship.

Helper problems can be frustrating

#1: Unsatisfactory work

Problem: Your domestic helper’s work isn’t up to par with how you want things done around the house.
Solution: Talk to her directly about your preferred methods. If, for example, you think she cooks unhealthy food discuss it with her. Ask her why she is doing it differently and together come to an agreed way of doing it. This way you start building a relationship of trust and respect. Perhaps you realize that her way is better or she realizes that your way saves her time. It might be uncomfortable at first, but it will benefit your relationship and your household in the long run.

#2: Forgetful

Problem: Your domestic helper struggles to remember the tasks assigned to her.
Solution: After giving instructions to your domestic helper, ask her to repeat them in her own way so that she knows what to do. Make sure your instructions are very clear. Even better is to write down a list of tasks and go through them together. Doing household duties and handling the kids may lead to distractions so also ask her why she was unable to do the tasks. This will create a better understanding and considerably less frustration.

Clear house rules will lead to a happy family
Open communication will lead to a happy family!

#3: A suitor

Problem: Your domestic helper has a suitor or a boyfriend and it’s bothersome in several scenarios. She talks to him over the phone while she is supposed to work, she wants to go out at night to meet him so that she is tired in the morning.
Solution: As uncomfortable as it may be, talk to your domestic helper. Discuss with her what the proper time is for her boyfriend to call/WhatsApp her and that you like her to be fit during the day. Let her know that you respect her decisions, but that you expect her to do her work well.

#4: Using phone during work

Problem: Your domestic helper uses her mobile phone during the day to check her Facebook or to send a quick WhatsApp message to her family back home. You are worried that she does not pay attention to your children while she does this.
Solution: Before you talk to your domestic helper, think about your own situation. How often do you check your phone while taking care of the children? Your domestic helper may use that as a reference for her own phone behaviour. When talking to her explain your worries and why it is important for you that she focuses on the children when working.

#5: Disregard for work

Problem: Your domestic helper doesn’t do household chores properly or completely on purpose.
Solution: If you catch your domestic helper purposely not washing the dishes, cleaning furniture, or leaving work undone, talk to her about it. Perhaps there is some miscommunication or an issue that needs to be resolved. If, however, she continues to not work on purpose and does not achieve the household chores properly, you might consider terminate her contract to find a domestic helper who works according to your expectations.21