Setting a schedule is a major part of ensuring that you get the best cleaning results

3 Tips to Help Your Domestic Helper Organise Their Cleaning Work

You’ve found a domestic helper but you’re not quite sure how to assist them in doing a great job. From scrubbing sinks and cleaning kitchen cupboards to vacuuming rugs and polishing glass, there are so many cleaning tasks in your home, and it really is a win-win for you and your domestic helpers if you can help your helpers do their best. With that said, let’s look at three top ...

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How to communicate with your domestic helper when there are problems

Help Your Helper Overcome Language Barriers

It is important to build a healthy relationship with your helper right from the start to ensure things go as smoothly as you had pictured. However, this can sometimes be tough as communication – which can make or break a relationship – can be hindered by several factors including language. Language can be a huge barrier often leading to miscommunications and as a result of frustrations (especially over safety concerns). Sign ...

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HelperChoice Survey – Foreign Domestic Workers’ Biggest Fears and Dreams

HelperChoice interviewed about 150 domestic workers based in Hong Kong (67%), Singapore (12%), in some Gulf countries (13%) and other countries of Asia to know more about their fears and dreams. The majority of the domestic workers are women coming from developing countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh -  where they have little to no opportunity to find a well-paid job as they are often from the poorer countryside. ...

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Why People in Hong Kong Can’t Get by Without Their Domestic Helpers

After having employed a domestic helper, many employers feel like they cannot be without helpers. If you’ve just arrived in Hong Kong or never had a helper, find out why so many people swear by employing one. There are more than 50 million domestic workers worldwide and about 350,000 in Hong Kong. Hiring a nanny or helper is a viable option for many families. Here are our top 8 reasons why ...

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Survey: More Than 30% Helpers Will Offer a Christmas Gift to Their Employer

HelperChoice survey - More than a third of the domestic helpers plan to offer a gift for Christmas to their employer. What about you? HelperChoice interviewed more than 100 domestic workers based in Hong Kong, Singapore but also in some Gulf countries (mostly Filipino) to know more about how they are going to celebrate Christmas. In this article, you will know more about the kinds of gifts domestic helpers would like ...

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Survey Result – Work and Life of Domestic Workers: 32% of Their Employers Judged Disrespectful

HelperChoice, the leading platform connecting employers and domestic workers conducted a survey from October 9th until October 17th, 2017 in the Middle East, Hong Kong and Singapore to get more information about how domestic workers are living their lives. 245 domestic workers participated in the survey and the results are startling: 32% of the domestic workers feel that their employer is not respectful. Domestic workers’ main duties are to do the ...

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Everything You Need to Know about Your Helper’s Family Visiting

Your helper’s children in the Philippines are planning a visit to town to see their mother and you are wondering how things are going to unfold, logistically speaking. The following information will shed some light on the – sometimes quite tedious – process your helper must go through to have her family over. Helpers enjoy taking selfies to share with family and friends back home. What’s the process like for my helper? Your ...

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HelperChoice Salary Survey: Areas where Middle Eastern Employers Pay Domestic Helpers the Least and the Most

HelperChoice, the online platform that matches employers with domestic workers at no cost to helpers, analysed data from close to 2,000 recent job ads posted by its users between January and August 2017. The salary of foreign domestic workers in the Middle East does not include the food allowance, costs of accommodation, agency fees, flight costs or medical benefits. For the second year, The United Arab Emirates pay the highest salary ...

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HelperChoice Salary Survey: Areas where Hong Kong Employers Pay Helpers the Least and the Most

HelperChoice, the online platform that matches employers with domestic workers at no cost to helpers, analysed data from about 3,000 recent job ads posted by its users. The mean salary offered to helpers is HK$4,545, or HK$235 (5.4%) more than the current minimum wage for domestic workers of HK$4,310. This is very encouraging for foreign domestic workers (FDW) as this difference is 23% higher than the one calculated in last year ...

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