Helper Insurance Policies Explained

The employer is responsible for helper insurance policies

When you hire a helper, you are responsible for taking out a helper insurance policy. Domestic helpers, during the course of their employment, might find themselves in unsafe situations. But with a helper insurance policies, you won’t have to worry about the expenses just in case something happens. So how do you pick the right policy for your domestic helper? Here are some tips.


#1 Premium

When choosing a plan, compare the different packages offered by different insurers. One point to pay attention to is the insurance premium: the amount you need to pay monthly or yearly for the helper insurance plan. The premium payment largely depends on the age of your domestic helper, as well as the extent of coverage. So with a wide range of insurers and packages to choose from, pick the one that best suits your budget without sacrificing the quality of the plan.

Get a good insurance for your helper
Get a good insurance for your helper

#2 Coverage

To keep up with the competition, insurance companies are continuously improving their helper insurance policies. Employers have a smorgasbord of packages to choose from because insurers make sure there is an available plan for every type of need. The basic package for a domestic helper normally includes hospital benefits and personal accident benefits. If you want to include dental care and even coverage for lost cash allowances, you can. To make the task easier for you, make a list of what you want to include and then consider the various packages. Remember that you will be responsible for paying, so try and find a balance between cost and coverage.


#3 Claim procedures

When choosing a plan for your domestic helper, you also have to consider the procedures in filing claims. This is important because some insurers may have complicated procedures that make it difficult to claim the money. Spending a lot of money, and not getting any service, is a big no-no.


In Hong Kong, HelperChoice partners with a leading insurance company to offer employers a 50% discount on the first year while enjoying a comprehensive coverage for their helper. You can find more information in this article.