11 ways to celebrate Hong Kong Establishment Day

Hong Kong Establishment Day is right around the corner. For that special occasion, we have compiled a list of the 11 must-sees and do activities on July 1st (and all over the weekend) in celebration of the 20th anniversary of HKSAR Establishment Day.

What better way to kick-start the celebrations than dancing? On Friday night, we recommend that you head over to the HK20 Lan Kwai Fong Handover Party in Lan Kwai Fong to enjoy Chinese cultural dancing and performances with…

HelperChoice Survey Results – 85% of first-time domestic workers are charged illegal placement fees by the employment agencies

HelperChoice, the major Hong Kong-based leading online platform helping employers find the right helper, conducted a survey among about 200 domestic workers and the results are astonishing.

Following the announcement of a Bill seeking to amend the Employment Ordinance to increase sevenfold the amount of the maximum penalty for overcharging domestic workers, HelperChoice decided to contact some of them to report about their story.

The survey revealed that only 13% of …

Educating your helper on green practices

Reducing human carbon footprint has become a major concern for many environmentally conscious individuals. There has been an increased awareness on the necessity to develop green practices as things seem more pressing than ever. Scientists have been able to clearly establish that our actions do impact the environment and that a change is very much needed if we are to ensure the future of our planet – and humanity as a whole.

Many of us in Hong Kong are making conscious efforts…

Should I install CCTV to monitor my helper?

Being worried about our loved ones when we are not around is natural. We all want – even feel the need – to make sure that they are safe and sound. It is comprehensible that increasingly more employers in Singapore are choosing to install cameras to monitor how their loved ones are being treated by the helper they have hired to care for them when they are not at home.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), what for?

The main reasons invoked by employers who have opted for CCTV (and those…

(Press Release) HK Government Raises the Penalty For Overcharging Domestic Helpers: The Beginning Of a New Story?

(The Chinese version follows the English one.)

A recent survey published last month by SAFE (Students Against Fees and Exploitation) interviewing 3,000 domestic helpers and investigating in more than 100 employment agencies in Hong Kong revealed that 70% of the agencies overcharge domestic helper.

The placement fees which are received by an agency sometimes exceed by up to 13 times the legal limit which is defined by the Employment Ordinance and the Employment Agency Regulations…

Should my Helper Dine with Us?

Having a domestic helper who lives in with your family 24/7 can sometimes be tricky as the traditional employer-employee relationship gets blurred. You – and certainly your helper – might just end up feeling confused and not knowing where you stand about certain things. That’s perfectly understandable given the peculiar nature of the relationship – the live-in factor doesn’t make it any easier. It is okay to wonder where to draw the line on some things – such as …

International Day of Family Remittances: a recognition of the fundamental contribution of migrant workers

If you take a look at your calendar, you’ll come to realize that there are many International Days – and more being added every year – celebrated all over the world!

International Day of Family Remittances is one of them and is annually celebrated on June 16th. Although it was fairly recently established (in 2015 at the opening of the Fifth Global Forum on Remittances and Development in Milan), that doesn’t make it less important. Quite the opposite!

What is…

Educating your helper on healthy cooking practices

Diet-related diseases are on the rise – even in Singapore – and have become a global problem. The good news is that many of us are increasingly more conscious that adopting a healthier lifestyle is crucial (by paying extra attention to what’s on our plates among other things). Preparing our meals from scratch undeniably makes it easier to control what we – and our loved ones – are eating. But for many of us, that is not possible – at least not all the time.

Many of us in Singapore…

Everything you should know about home leave

If you are planning to take a leave and go back to your homeland for the holidays, know that there are certain rules you need to comply with to be allowed to re-enter Singapore. Immigration requirements vary though – depending on factors such as your nationality and on how long you have been working with your current employer.

What’s the process like for Indonesian nationals?

It is relatively easy. As an Indonesian FDW you do not need to register with your Embassy. Just make …

Philippine National Day

Monday, June 12 will be the 119th Philippine National Day – a day of celebration for Filipinos all over the world!

The year 1898 was a historic date for the Republic of the Philippines as it marked its independence from Spain. The Philippines have had a long history of being a colony as the nation was first under Spanish rule and then American influence – but also occupied for several years by the Japanese during World War II. After a few failed Spanish attempts to colonize the …