Indonesian helpers in Hong Kong can now renew contracts directly

From January 2017, Indonesian domestic helpers and their employers will no longer need to use an agency to renew their contracts in Hong Kong, according to the Indonesian Consulate General.

This applies to domestic workers who are finishing their two-year contracts and who will be renewing with the same employer. Both the helper and employer must agree to renew their contract without assistance from an agency.

If an agreement is reached, the employer will need to submit a letter…

Drawing for the angels – Suset, a helper at work, a painter at heart

Meet Suset. Suset is a painter and a domestic worker in Hong Kong, but I believe her greatest source of pride is being a mother. She left her four kids in the Philippines when she came to work in Hong Kong, but she has never stopped drawing for them. Read Suset’s story and take a moment to thank your parents if they too have made sacrifices for you. If you have children waiting for you back home, think about them as you read this story.

“Let your children be your inspiration. If you are…

Hong Kong government promotes safety at work for domestic helpers

The Hong Kong government is sharing videos and booklets to educate employers and domestic helpers about work safety – particularly relating to window cleaning.

This follows the announcement of new rules that say helpers can only clean window exteriors above the ground floor when window grilles are fixed and an adult is there to supervise.

Since a clause to that effect will only be included in new, or renewed, contracts (and not existing ones), the government is running a campaign…

New documentary investigates the illegal practices of helper agencies

A new documentary shows how foreign domestic workers from the Philippines are charged illegal fees by many employment agencies, and highlights that the government is not doing enough to protect the rights of these helpers.

The documentary, called ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’, investigates the unethical activities of many employment agencies in Hong Kong, and shows how helpers often have little choice but to take out loans to pay excessive fees.

This makes it difficult…

How you can prepare for Friday’s typhoon

Another typhoon is expected to move close to Hong Kong on Friday, so be sure to follow all the necessary precautions, and stay safe!

Haima is expected to come within 100km of the city tomorrow, bringing strong winds, lots of rain, and the possibility of flooding in some areas. Here’s what you can do to prepare:

As a precautionary measure, make sure you have enough food and essential groceries at home. Plan beforehand, as most stores and supermarkets will close if the T8 signal …

New Filipino helper contracts in HK will exclude window cleaning from duties

From next week Saturday, Filipino domestic helpers who sign contracts to work in Hong Kong will no longer need to clean the exteriors of windows, according to the Philippines consulate.

A letter to employment agencies, from Labor Attache Jalilo Dela Torre, says this clause will be automatically printed on all new contracts from October 15th. The letter was shared by Hong Kong News.

The clause will read: “For safety purposes, cleaning the exterior of windows is not part of …

Breaking: Hong Kong Increases Minimum Wage for Domestic Workers

The Hong Kong government has increased the minimum wage for foreign domestic workers by $100. This lifts the minimum wage to $4,310, a 2.4% increase from the previous rate of HK$4,210.

Worker groups had been lobbying for a minimum wage of $5,000, while employer groups said big increases would make domestic work unaffordable. The government says it tries to strike a balance between the livelihoods of domestic workers on the one hand and affordability for employers on the other.…

“To be a domestic helper was never my dream” – Rina’s ambition to become an English teacher

Meet Rina. Rina was a simple domestic worker, happily married with a 3-year-old daughter when she first arrived in Hong Kong 11 years ago. Now, she is an accomplished woman who is studying towards a teaching degree at the Indonesian Open University, while working as a domestic helper in HK. Her dream is to teach English in her home town in Indonesia, and to enable her daughter to get a university education. She wants to tell her fellow domestic workers how important education is.…

Indonesian ex-helper makes impressive changes to her home village

Arumy, an Indonesian who worked in Hong Kong as a domestic worker for ten years, returned to home for good in April 2016. After returning, she started the grand project of developing her village, Plumbangan Village, into an international eco-tourism village. In Plumbangan, East Java, tourists can hike up the Kelud Mountain, go on river rafting trips, camp in Jati Forest, and see the ancient Hindu temple Candi Plumbangan.

If you saw Arumy on the streets of Hong Kong three months…