Should I give my helper a bonus or increase their wage?

Your helper has been with you for a while and you may wonder if you should increase her salary or give her a bonus. What do other employers do?

There is no golden rule or a standard practice when it comes to giving your helper a bonus or increasing her wage. But don’t pull your hair out yet, we went out and asked what others do.

When should I give my helper a bonus or salary increase?

There is absolutely no consensus on this, but many employers consider this question for the first time after…

How to handle domestic helper problems

Establishing a positive relationship with your helper is important, especially if you envision a long-term hire. This means you will have to handle domestic helper problems carefully.

“My children are not allowed to eat sweets during the week, but I can tell from their behaviour that the helper gave them candy. Should I fire her?” Some employers are quick to terminate their helper’s contract when they do not following instructions. Others would rather only have…

Dealing with domestic helper cultural differences

We’ve all heard about cultural differences, especially in families with domestic helpers. But what are common cultural differences and how can you avoid letting them turn into issues?

Due to varying upbringings, cultures and situational factors, people from different backgrounds do many things differently. Just as German and French people have different eating habits, so do we all have different habits around the house.

We have often heard about the big cultural differences,…

How comfortable are you with the new household dynamics?

Hiring a helper means that your household dynamics will see some changes. At times the changes come naturally, but at other times they can create some difficulties.

Household dynamics are never static; they change from time to time. Hiring a live-in helper can have a very positive effect on family dynamics if the relationship is managed effectively.

First of all, most foreign domestic helpers live 24/7 with the family, but she may “only” be a temporary addition to the family.…

Can I add more domestic worker house rules after I have hired her?

It is important to set expectations and daily schedules and to stick to those. But that does not mean that you cannot add more domestic worker house rules if you think there is a need for this.

“Our helper was great when she started, but she just does not follow instructions anymore. She is great with the children so I don’t want to fire her, but things need to change.” Managing a domestic helper can be frustrating at times. You may live with her in one small apartment…

What to prepare for your new helper

You have just hired your new helper. Congratulations! Now it is time to prepare for your new helper so that things will go smoothly from the start. 1) Where will your helper sleep?

An important question. Why? If your helper feels comfortable in her own room that will translate in her work. Ideally, while you were interviewing your helper, you discussed where she is going to sleep so she knows what to expect. You may have to buy a bed and closet for her if there isn’t one available yet.…

What are the consequences of having a live-out domestic helper?

The popularity of live-out domestic helpers in Hong Kong has been rising in recent years. But what are the consequences?

By Janet Salim

Reasons for live-out arrangements

This arrangement has gained favour amongst employers for many reasons. One such reason is the small sized houses in Hong Kong, which makes it more convenient for employers for their foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) to live out than to live in. On the same note, such an arrangement is preferable among helpers …

What is a helper in Singapore?

For those landing in Singapore to start a new life, even the idea of hiring outside help may be strange. In Singapore the term domestic helper is used instead of maid or housemaid as is usual in some other places. In addition, in Singapore all foreign domestic helpers are legally required to be hired full-time on a 2-year contract and to live at the same place as their employer. But what exactly is a helper in Singapore?

Maid Service

In Singapore it is legal and quite common for couples…

Maids in Middle East Explained

For those landing in the Middle East to start a new life, the idea of a “maid”, “babysitter” and “house maid” and “house boy” may be unfamiliar and daunting. If you are looking for some extra help in your family, there are two options for you: a live-in maid or using a maid service (part time) if it is legal in your new country. Below you will find a short explanation about maids in Middle East.

Maid Service

In Dubai and Qatar it is legal and quite common to find a maid who…

All you need to know about helpers in Hong Kong

Useful tips for employers hiring a helper in Hong Kong

The process of hiring a domestic helper can be time-consuming and daunting. We hear you. In order to help you navigate this process more easily we have prepared some resources for all you need to know about helpers in Hong Kong.

What Is A Domestic Helper in Hong Kong?

Just arrived in Hong Kong or planning to move to Hong Kong and wonder what exactly a domestic helper is? Confused by the vocabulary people use? For a short description…