What is a domestic helper?

For those landing in Hong Kong to start a new life, the idea of a “domestic helper” may be unfamiliar and daunting.

What is a domestic helper exactly? In Hong Kong the term domestic helper is used instead of maid or housemaid as is usual in other places. In addition, in Hong Kong all foreign domestic helpers are legally required to be hired full-time on a 2-year contract and to live at the same place as the employer. Below you will find a short explanation for the most commonly used…

Should you talk to your helper about financial education?

Investing in your helper’s financial education

Lenlen Mesina, Enrich HK

In addition to the convenience and comfort of having someone assist us in our day-to-day life – take care of our children, manage and clean the household and ensure food is prepared when we want it and how we like it – is there anything your helper will not do to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

Often, employers overlook the value and care that domestic workers put into their …

Increase Minimum Wage Domestic Helper Hong Kong

Don’t get yourself in trouble. What does the salary increase for domestic helpers mean for you?

After months of lobbying, the government has decided to raise the minimum wage for foreign domestic helpers by HK$100. Regardless or whether or not you are happy with this, read further to find out what implications there are for you.

Helpers already hired

For employers who have signed contracts on or before the 30th of September 2015, nothing changes. You can follow the previous…

What to do when your helper cooks unhealthy food?

Food seasoning and cooking methods can be very personal. Normally that is not a problem, but it may be when your helper cooks unhealthy food for you and your children.

In this day and age many people worry about eating healthily. In a city like Hong Kong we may often eat outside where we have no control over amounts of salt, oil, sugar and food additives used. So eating a healthy meal at home becomes so much more important. Sounds simple, but it becomes much more complicated when others…

The 7 Most Awesome Movie Nannies

Why do nanny movies make you instantly smile?


No matter how much you enjoy the independence and liberation of being grown-up, chances are that memories of being taken care of as a kid can make you feel all warm and fuzzy. And while you probably have your awesome parents to thank for all the wonderful childhood memories, there may also be a third person who merits some credit and appreciation—your nanny!

Doesn’t matter if you referred to them as “nanny” or “domestic…

Should I give my helper Mid-Autumn mooncakes?

Being an employer during the holidays is not always easy. Here are some helper Mid-Autumn facts to help you through it.

Maybe you haven’t even thought about this: should I give my helper mooncakes? Do you also get frustrated by the contradicting advice of friends and other employers? Never know what you should do? Whose advice to follow? We asked some helpers to see what other employers really do. Read these 5 questions and be ready for Mid-Autumn.

#1 Should I give my helper a day…

Should I give my new helper statutory holidays?

When you hire a helper, you also suddenly become an employer. The Hong Kong guidelines about helper statutory holidays can be very confusing and vague. Here is a quick insight into what to do.

Your new helper has just started and a statutory holiday is approaching. Some employers think their helper is not entitled to this, but is this really the case?


The Hong Kong labor law answers this question. All Hong Kong domestic helpers are entitled to the 12 statutory days off annually.…

Seen on Sunday: Migrants Health Matters

Sharing health-related matters was the central message at the Migrants Health Matters event.

A volunteer is asking a domestic helper what HIV stands for: A. Human Infection Virus B. Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The Indonesian women looks confused and asks, rather than answers, A? The volunteer looks at her and asks: “are you sure?” The Indonesian helper looks at her friend, who is equally confused, and shrugs her shoulders. The volunteer sighs, shortly explains that…

Smartphones and Domestic Helpers

Do you allow your helper to use her smartphone during working hours? What if she is watching the children?


Smartphones and social media have made it much easier for all of us, including domestic helpers, to be connected, but some employers see this as a curse. Many employers I know find it challenging to lay down ground rules for mobile phone usage of their hired help.

A quick search on the internet indicates that many families are asking the same question. “Do you allow …

Foreign Domestic Worker’s Salary and Minimum Wage

A legal helper minimum wage has been set for domestic workers, but some employers pay more. Why?


“You should never pay your domestic helper too much. Your helper starting wage is so high, you will definitely spoil the market for other employers!” A young mother uttered this to her local friend over lunch. The friend had had similar conversations with other expat friends and got angry. In Hong Kong, it seems employers of domestic helpers have different visions as to …