HelperChoice Bank Accounts Guide for Domestic Helpers

Opening a Bank Account in Hong Kong For Your Domestic Helper: The Ultimate Guide

Maybe you just employed a new domestic helper or maybe you have been employing her for a few years. In any case, you might wonder how to pay the domestic helper’s salary every month, should you give her cash directly or make a bank transfer?

What are the advantages of opening a bank account for your domestic helper?

In Hong Kong, many do not have have a bank account to receive their salary. Helping your domestic helper open a bank account is a win-win situation for both of you. You will save time and keep track of the salary payment.

A bank account can also help her better manage her money and save more as she will be less tempted to spend it.

Which bank for your domestic helper?

Not all banks are welcoming towards domestic helpers so it is better if you go with her. Before choosing, also check if they require a minimum monthly balance, as most banks will expect HK$5,000 to HK$10,000.

Fortunately, we did some research for you and selected the best banks for domestic helpers in Hong Kong:

Hang Seng Bank

Hang Seng bank ATM Statement Savings Account is the most convenient bank account for domestic helpers in Hong Kong as there is no minimum monthly balance. The bank requires an initial deposit of at least HK$500.

The required documents for opening the account are:

  • Passport
  • Hong Kong ID card
  • The original employment contract
  • OEC number might be required for Filipino domestic helpers

Bank of China

The other option for no minimum monthly balance is Bank of China, but a minimum amount of HKD 1,000 is needed at account open date.

  • Passport
  • Hong Kong ID card
  • The original employment contract
  • OEC number might be required for Filipino domestic helpers

The Asian Migrants Credit Union

The Asian Migrants Credit Union proposes savings accounts for migrants in Hong Kong, with a minimum balance as low as HK$5. To open an account contact the organisation directly, the only document required is the HKID.

Does your domestic helper need a little help with budgeting?

You could also send your domestic helper to financial management classes. The NGO in Hong Kong that is dedicated to this area is Enrich HK. The courses usually include budgeting, and even entrepreneurship and investment. Your domestic helper will not only know how to save and spend money more wisely, she can also put these skills into use when she returns to her home country and get a better return from the money she earns in Hong Kong.

You’re now all set! Let us know which bank you think is the most convenient and what other banking services you are using.

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Love Mari
Love Mari
11 months ago

hi, i am a helper and able to open bank account in hsbc, and someone i dont know send me big amount of money, now my employer found it and ask me explenation about it but i dont know about it, is this posible reason he can bring me to police?

4 months ago
Reply to  Love Mari

Hello Mari. You should talk to your employer about the mistaken transaction appeared in your bank account. If money is incorrectly transferred into your account, you should notify your bank and your employer. Your bank will then try to return the money to the sender. You should not spend or withdraw the money transferred into your account by mistake because it is not legally yours and you have to pay it back.

4 months ago

Hi I am a domestic helper herw in Hongkong. I have an aunt in US who want to send me money to my hangseng bank account in the amount of 40k hkd. Would it possible? I am just afraid of the money laundering maybe the bank will question me of the big amount. Thank you for someone can answer my concern.

3 months ago

How many weeks to get the atm saving account for ofw dh?

angelica n. riola
angelica n. riola
2 months ago

can I open account tomorrow, Friday even though its statutory ? because that day I have time to go hang seng bank branch, thank you!

Fatima Canonizado
Fatima Canonizado
15 days ago

is there a branch in ma on shan?

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