New Filipino helper contracts in HK will exclude window cleaning from duties

From next week Saturday, Filipino domestic helpers who sign contracts to work in Hong Kong will no longer need to clean the exteriors of windows, according to the Philippines consulate.

A letter to employment agencies, from Labor Attache Jalilo Dela Torre, says this clause will be automatically printed on all new contracts from October 15th. The letter was shared by Hong Kong News.

The clause will read: “For safety purposes, cleaning the exterior of windows is not part of the domestic helper’s duties.”

Agencies were asked to ensure that employers read this part of the contract and understand it before signing. Contracts will also need to comply with the new minimum wage of HK$4,310.

Following the deaths of several helpers, domestic workers in Hong Kong have been protesting in recent months to have window cleaning removed from their list of duties.

In August, a 35-year-old Filipino domestic worker fell to her death while cleaning – the fourth such fatality this year, according to some sources.