HelperChoice and Enrich Join Forces to Make Training More Accessible to Domestic Workers in Hong Kong

HelperChoice launched its Academy end of February so domestic workers can benefit from continuous training thanks to a monthly subscription. The team worked with several educators and training professionals to define the content of the workshops and came up with a catalogue of diversified classes. Enrich, the leading Hong Kong charity promoting the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers, is in charge of teaching the financial management classes for the HelperChoice Academy.


Discover how this partnership was created thanks to the interview of Julie, Country Manager at HelperChoice, and Lucinda, Executive Director at Enrich.

  1. Why did you choose to partner together?

HelperChoice – To build the HelperChoice Academy, we have asked our members (both helpers and employers) what kind of skills they think would be useful for themselves or for their domestic workers and financial management skills were one of the top skills mentioned. Enrich and HelperChoice has the same values and aims also at empowering migrant domestic workers through education. Founded 10 years ago in Hong Kong, Enrich is a very experienced organisation to teach domestic workers financial management basics so it seemed very natural to ask them to be our partner in this new adventure!


Enrich – Emphasis is often placed on training helpers with domestic skills like cooking or cleaning, but not on empowering them with the ability to budget, plan for their future, save or even set up a business. So we are very pleased that HelperChoice has identified financial education as a key component of HelperChoice Academy. As HelperChoice is an ethical agency that promotes responsible recruitment, our values certainly align and this promises a fruitful partnership for us both. We also believe that HelperChoice Academy provides the opportunity for employers to understand the benefits of financial literacy – many do not realise the financial difficulties their helper may be facing and how education can ultimately contribute to healthier employer-employee relationships.

Photo credit: Enrich HK


  1. What are the main benefits of the workshops conducted by Enrich?

Enrich – Financial literacy is a life-skill for all, but especially for migrant domestic workers who are often sole breadwinners for multiple family members, and who may be vulnerable due to their lack of financial skills. Our workshops empower them with the ability to plan and save for their life goals, set up a retirement plan or a business, and envision a future with greater financial security. According to a recent impact study on our work by CUHK, 97% of domestic workers begin tracking their expenses following our workshops! The long-term positive impact this creates affects not just domestic workers but also their families and communities. It can also lead to stronger relationships with employers as a helper who is in charge of her finances isn’t vulnerable to predatory money lenders and can focus on the job at hand.


  1. How can domestic helpers enrol in the workshops?

HelperChoice – The HelperChoice Academy has been created to promote and encourage domestic workers continuous learning: employers can sponsor their helpers by subscribing to a 1-year membership so that their domestic worker can benefit from an unlimited access to all the workshops, including the financial management classes with Enrich.

Photo credit: Enrich HK


  1. What can we wish you in the future?

HelperChoice – A lot of workshops organised in the HelperChoice Academy: the more members we have, the more workshops we will be able to co-organise with Enrich!

Enrich – A successful partnership with HelperChoice, and an increased reach to migrant domestic workers and employers through our workshops!


If you want to know more about the HelperChoice Academy and check out when the next workshops are going to take place it is here.


About Enrich:

Enrich is the leading Hong Kong charity promoting the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers. They empower migrant domestic workers to invest in themselves through financial and empowerment education. Their workshops equip domestic workers with the tools to save, budget and plan for a future with greater financial security while they are here in Hong Kong.