8 Essential Steps to Domestic Helper Paperwork Processing

Handling the paperwork for your new helper is not always an easy task. Follow these 8 steps and you should be set.

If you thought you were done when you found that great helper, think again. Handling the paperwork can be a confusing process. Don’t waste time by missing a step or not answering that one question. Pay attention to every single part of the process so that you do not make unnecessary mistakes. How? Read, remember and even print these steps, to make the paperwork processing easier. Do it well and your helper will be with you in no time.

How to handle helper paperwork processing

Want more information on some of the above steps?

1. Check what paperwork is needed.

2. Find an ethical employment agency which does not overcharge domestic helpers. Get recommendations if you are in Hong Kong or in Singapore.

3. If you are in Hong Kong, get the employment contract notarized by the Consulate. Note that only Filipino finished contract helpers are allowed to do this step themselves. An accredited agency is required for helpers with other conditions.

4. For Hong Kong employers: apply for the visa with the Immigration Department; For Singapore employers, apply for the work permit with the Ministry of Manpower.

5. If you hire an overseas helper, the employment agency in her home country will send the helper to training and medical check-up. For Filipino workers, only who never work abroad are required to take the mandatory TESDA training and get a NCII certificate to fulfil the Philippine government requirement.

6. Prepare on-boarding for the new helper such as house rules and help her to settle in.

7. Buy a helper insurance to fulfil your legal responsibility as an employer.

8. Find out how to manage your helper.


This list is to make the processing of handling your helper paperwork easier because we know it can be daunting. Check each step so that you are not suddenly facing an unhappy surprise. Even if you use an agency be on top of things so that you know what is happening at any point in time.