How to communicate with your domestic helper when there are problems

Helper Appreciation Month

Most of us in Hong Kong do have those special ladies in our lives – those great women who contribute to making our lives more comfortable. We know them as we rely on them every single day; they make it possible for many of us to go to work knowing that our loved ones and homes are well taken care of. Helpers – as we most commonly know them – make up 5% of the population in Hong Kong.

Helper Appreciation Month is a community-shared initiative launched in 2015 aimed at celebrating helpers and their remarkable contribution to our daily lives as well as communities. The idea behind this celebration is to impulse us to express our gratitude towards helpers. May was chosen since the already recognised holidays mostly revolve around family and labour. So, what better month to celebrate foreign domestic workers than this one?

This month more than ever, let us show them how grateful we are for the work they do and tell them how much we appreciate their contribution to our lives. There are many ways you can express your appreciation. You may lack the right words – if that’s the case just go for a kind gesture i.e. a gift or an extra day-off surely can do the trick. You could also invite your helper out for dinner at a nice restaurant or to the movies. And sometimes a simple thank you and a smile are enough! Taking more time to connect with her, getting to know her better and sharing experiences with her might just be other great ways of showing your gratitude.

Helper Appreciation Month is back this year. Let’s make it count but keep in mind that showing appreciation on a regular basis is as important especially when it comes to developing a deeper and healthier relationship.

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