Going the Distance: Successful Long-Distance Parenting

By: PathFinders For most mothers, being away from their children for most part of the year is extremely hard to imagine. Yet this is the reality of many Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) who are mothers. MDW mothers make the very difficult decision to work far away from home, sacrificing precious time with their children,so as to create better opportunities and brighter futures for them.  Successful long-distance parenting is not easy. Yet, it ...

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Set Your Goal: Fight Homesickness

Reduce Homesickness Abroad Moving abroad whether for work, studies, or simply traveling is not that easy. The culture, the people around you, the reason why you are there, the feeling of being alone would really trigger being homesick. This is really hard for those who are working abroad and signed up with a long-term contract. This means that they cannot just go home anytime they want. Homesickness is emotional distress that results from ...

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Creative and Affordable Options When Your Helper is On Long Leave

By PathFinders Many households in Hong Kong, especially those with young children and elderly parents, rely heavily on the support of foreign domestic helpers. When helpers need to be on long leave for a period of time – due to childbirth, illness, a crisis back home - it is understandable a lot of employers feel some degree of anxiety.  The imminent questions tend to be: “What will happen to my household during ...

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family long distance communication

3 Strategies To Make Long-Distance Family Communication Work

By PathFinders People are getting increasingly mobile. For many of us, it means we are farther apart than ever from our loved ones. Communication is key for any relationship, whether you are living together or living far apart. While technology presents us with an opportunity to be connected even when there are geographical challenges,  there are things to consider about long-distance family communication. The challenge is not only about how to ...

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How to Make Glutinous Rice Balls for Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice, or Dōngzhì Festival, is one of the traditional Chinese festivals and also one of the twenty-four solar terms. It falls on or around December 22nd every year. AS early as 770-476 BC, also known as the Spring and Autumn Period in ancient Chinese history, some famous physician named Zhang Zhongjing of the Eastern Han Dynasty figured out the point of Winter Solstice. On that day, daytime ...

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Hong Kong protest

6 Ways to Manage your Domestic Helper During Hong Kong Protests

While it is understandable that the on-going protests in Hong Kong have inevitably interfered your daily life and you may need your domestic helper to work flexible hours, the protests are not a reason for you to exploit her. In a press statement released on 28 August, the Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union (FMWU) points out that some employers have been using the city’s spontaneous protest schedule as an excuse ...

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