Family Halloween with your domestic helper

Enjoy a Great Halloween With Your Domestic Helper

Halloween is a night of surprises and fantasy, and the opportunity for the whole to have some honest fun – and scare! Like other major celebrations, it can require a lot of work (depending on how serious you are about it!) to have everything ready on time.

Here are 7 ways to engage your domestic helper and spend a great Halloween together:

  1. Hit the Halloween aisle for decoration. Sit down with your domestic worker and make a list of all the knick-knacks you are going to need – candles, figurines, creepy plastic eyeballs, spider webs, etc… – and obviously, pumpkins. Your and helper – especially if that's her first time celebrating it – will enjoy all the craze associated with Halloween shopping.
  2. Ask her (and your children, they will surely it!) for help to decorate the house in Halloween style – remember, it's not Halloween without orange, black and purple here and there. And, don't forget to decorate the door, after all, that's the first thing trick-or-treaters get to see! They can also create your own decorations, for example head to HelperChoice Facebook page and learn how to make a cute and spooky spider out of paper!
  3. If you are planning on organizing a Halloween dinner party, ask your domestic helper to help around with the planning, organization and coming up with dinner ideas to please and surprise your guests. Make sure both of you discuss the logistics details and are clear about what each of you is supposed to do – such as baking a traditional pumpkin pie!
  4. Make a list and ask her to buy all the supplies necessary to make part – or all – of your children's Halloween costumes if they intend on making them themselves. Ask her to supervise your children while they make their costumes should you be unable to do it. Remind her that she should be present at all times and handle scissors and needles for the little ones.
  5. Make a list of all your candy and sweets you would like to give away to trick-or-treaters and ask your domestic helper to hit the supermarket for candies and sweets and make sure that you are all set for Halloween night. A fun activity for your children and your helper could be candy making!
  6. If your domestic worker is the one supervising your children while trick-or-treating, make sure that you properly brief her on the areas to visit, insist on close supervision at all times and on the importance of candy sorting before consumption – to ensure that anything that seems unsafe or candy containing certain ingredients are not consumed by your children.
  7. A Halloween celebration without at least a carved pumpkin is not really a celebration. Your domestic helper – along with your kids (they can be in charge of the drawing part!) – will love carving and if that's your favorite thing about Halloween, then they can still help around by browsing the Internet for amazing pumpkin carving patterns so you have plenty of choices!

If you don't have a plan to throw a big party and want to spend some quality time with your children, theme parks are one of the best ways to set the mood!

Don't forget to bring your helper with you. Engaging your domestic helper in this family celebration can yield positive results. Halloween can be a special time for your children and her to get to bond together further – on top of that, it will give you plenty of time to think of who you want to dress up as on that night!

Happy Halloween!

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