Domestic Helper Swimming Safety Tips

These domestic helper swimming safety tips will give you a peace of mind

It is going to be another beautiful day tomorrow and your children are begging if they can go play in the water. You don’t have time to go with them, but you do want them to have fun and play. You could ask your helper, but are a bit worried about safety.

No need! Just devise an action plan together with your children (if they are old enough) and your helper.


First thing’s first: the talk with your helper

Discuss with your helper if she knows how to swim. Explain how well your children can swim: can they be in the water by themselves or does your helper need to swim together with them? Make sure your helper understands the risk of leaving the children unsupervised, even if she is just talking to her friends on the side of the pool.


Where to go?

Decide where you would suggest your helper go. Only have access to a pool without an on-duty lifeguard? Not such a good place to start: a public swimming pool or beach with guard may be better. Are your children older and do they prefer slides and diving boards or do they need a children’s pool? There are many options available in Hong Kong and you can check out all public swimming pools and beaches in Hong Kong online.

There are many public swimming pools and beaches in Hong Kong

The rules

Sit down with everyone and brainstorm on the rules together. If the children and helper feel their input is appreciated, they will likely respect and follow the rules more closely.  Rules can include: children must wear their floating aids such as floaties at all times, no running (at the swimming pool), no food in the pool or 30 min before entering the pool, no pushing of other people, you can only be in the pool with the helper, no breath-holding contests, you can only stay in the children’s section, only one person at a time off the slide, no diving and so on.


The checklist

When the day comes, the children may be overjoyed and your helper may be so stressed she forgets to take their bathing suits… Disaster. To avoid this, pack the evening before or use a handy checklist.

* Towels (to dry and sit on)
* Swimming clothes
* Swimming nappies
* Floaties
* Swimming cap & goggles
* Balls (if allowed) & spade and bucket
* Sunscreen & sunhat
* Water & snacks (keep them sand free)
* Soap & shampoo
* Flip flops
* Plastic bag for wet swimming clothes


Last but not least make sure your children and helper know to have fun. You may be jealous that they are out in the sun while you are freezing in the airconditioned office, but that doesn’t mean they should be miserable. Before you know it it’s the weekend and you can join them!