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What Do You Need to Know About Domestic Helper Loan Sharks?

You may have heard of employers being harassed by because their used the residence address for taking out loans and are not able to repay the debts. But why are many domestic helpers in debt and how can you prevent your helper from getting into debts?

Why do domestic helpers borrow money?

Because of recruitment debts charged by unethical employment agencies

Legally, placement fees employment agencies in Hong Kong charged to domestic helpers can only be as much as 10% of their first month's salary.
In reality, there are employment agencies charging illegal placement fees and thus domestic helpers end up sending their first few months' paychecks to those agencies, as much as HK$24,000! And they might even have to take loans from loan sharks. Some of these employment agencies also confiscate the workers' passports as a measure to stop them from returning to their home countries and ensure they will repay the loans.

Because of a request

For an emergency happened back home

Domestic helpers usually send money back home every month to support their families. Unfortunately, health issues can happen and your domestic worker's family might suddenly need money because a relative is in critical medical condition. In this case, your domestic helper will have no choice but to send a large amount of money back home to pay for the medical fees.

Because they don't know how to say “no” to family

Domestic helpers working in Hong Kong are often wealthier than their families back home, leading some relatives to ask for money for no legitimate reason. Many domestic helpers don't know how to say no to these requests and will send money although they cannot always afford it.

Because of an expensive lifestyle

The temptation is everywhere in Hong Kong when it comes to shopping, whether it is , clothes, or a new mobile phone, it can be hard for domestic helpers to manage their budget and save money. Spending more money than what they can afford will lead some to borrow money.

Where can your helper borrow money?

From a loan shark

What is a loan shark?

Loan sharks are money lenders charging extremely high interest rates, usually under illegal conditions. One of their main targets is domestic helpers as most of them will need to borrow money at some point during their and are not aware of the risks involved with loan sharks. The interest of these debts borrowed from loan sharks can be as high as 60% per annum!

Is a loan shark harassing you?

When borrowing money to a loan shark, your domestic helper will likely provide your address as her residential address because of the live-in rule. In some cases, she might not be able to pay her debts back and even leave Hong Kong.

Your domestic helper might also have agreed to be a guarantor for a friend. If her friend runs away she will have to bear the responsibilities and pay the money back.

If that has happened, you might receive a lot of calls and letters in your house, usually threatening. Report the loan shark's behaviour to the authorised financial institution, the Money Lenders Unit of Hong Kong Police (tel: 2860 3574) or the Anti-Scam Hotline (tel: 18222).

From a bank

Banks can lend money to domestic helper in Hong Kong, if she discussed this topic prior with you, you can help her ask for more information directly at the banks to see which bank can lend her money.

Ask you for a favour

Sometimes domestic helpers will discuss their financial problems with their employers and even ask them if they can directly lend her the money. Having a good enough to be able to discuss this.

If you want to prevent your helper from taking out loans

What you should do

Use an ethical employment agency

When hiring a new domestic helper, you should check with the helper how much she is asked to pay for placement fees. Do not use an employment agency that charges helpers illegal placement fees.

Educate your helper about the risks of getting loans

Educate her about the risks that she might take, for example, discuss online scams with her, encourage her to do before committing to anything, and tell her you can always double check with her the company's identity.

Help your helper open a bank account

Opening a bank account for your domestic helper is beneficial for both of you. It will help her better manage her money, and it will be easier for you to keep track of her payment.

Register your helper for classes

You should encourage your helper to save up, and devise a plan with her calculating her monthly expenses and how much she can put aside every month. If you need a little help, there are 2 NGOs in Hong Kong helping domestic helpers with Financial Management by providing them training. The first one is Enrich HK, they do personal counselling and workshops in Hong Kong. The other is Uplifters, an NGO that runs online financial management classes for domestic helpers, not exclusively in Hong Kong.

What you should not do

Retain your helper's passport or identity card

Some employers keep their helpers' passports to avoid them from borrowing loans, but remember that this is illegal, your helper should be able to keep her passport at all times.

Terminate the helper's contract

Terminating your domestic helper should not be the first option and it will not stop loan sharks contacting you. If you find out your helper is in debt, sit down with her and discuss the overall situation – how much she borrowed and why. And help her figure out a plan for repayment if possible.

Pay off the helper's debts

You could decide to pay off her debts, but this is not an ideal situation, this will not help her be financially responsible in the long term.

How to discuss loans and financial management with your domestic helper?

Addressing the subject

Being able to discuss potential financial issues is a win-win situation for both you and your domestic helper. If a problem ever comes up, you will be able to help her and avoid further issues for your family if she is responsible for an unpaid loan.

Keeping an open dialogue is the key to every healthy employer-domestic helper relationship.

Finding the right time

So how can you bring up the money subject? Find a quiet moment and tell her that you heard about domestic helpers facing financial problems and tell her that if she ever finds herself in this situation she can trust you and talk about it.

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  1. Hi Mia. If you leave Hong Kong, your friend who signs off your loan contract as a “guarantor” should be liable for paying off the loan for you.

  2. Hello Jacky,

    There are many loan sharks in Hong Kong, if you’d like to have more information about Financial Literacy for foreign domestic workers, I would suggest you contact Enrich HK, they are an NGO specialised in this field!

  3. Some of lending company like rich credit and UN credit even your only reference they are harassing you to go in thier office to sign undertaking if you dont go they will call you many times and tell they will tell our employer to terminate the helper

  4. Hello Ella,

    No one should force you to sign any paper. If the harassment keeps going for no reason, feel free to call the police and file a complaint about their service. For any question regarding loans in HK for foreign domestic workers, we advice you to contact Enrich HK, an NGO specialised in Financial issues for migrant workers.

  5. Example you barrow 2000hkd they will deduct 300 for processing fee 200 for savings and 10 for the xerox then 200 for thier saving card..if the barrower can not pay they will call the reference to pay for it 30%interest for 2000hkd

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