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What Cleaning Needs to be Done to Make Sure Your Kitchen is Baby-proofed?

Cleaning is an important task for many , but how specifically should the helper handle the housework when there are little ones around?

It's vital to ensure babies and children are protected from harmful germs and microbes. With a little bit of knowledge and some guidance, it's easy to ensure your domestic helper is able to do just that. From sterilizing bottles to cleaning kitchen cupboards where you store feeding equipment, here are a few ways to help ensure in your home.

Keep the Floor and All Surfaces Clean

Babies and toddlers spend a lot of time on the floor, so it's vital to keep it clean. Regular vacuuming is a priority, whether your domestic helper uses a robot-vacuum-cleaner or a standard one. For rugs, it's well worth using a steam cleaner to make sure bacteria is killed. For hard floors, use a disinfectant solution and ask your domestic helper to mop daily. In addition to floors, keep anything within grasping a range of little hands hygienic by using anti-bacterial products. This is particularly recommended if there are cleaning kitchen cupboards under kitchen worktops. Cabinets are also a great source of interest for little ones so make sure your domestic helper is cleaning kitchen cupboards thoroughly, both inside and out.

Sterilize All Feeding Equipment

Feeding equipment goes into babies' mouths so it's important these are always completely clean. It's not just the bottle that requires constant cleaning though, everything that comes with it does too. That means the brush, bottle holders and any sterilising equipment. Make sure your domestic helper keeps on top of cleaning here, and keep everything sterilised and hygienic.

Safe Storage

Washing feeding equipment is one thing, but it's also important to be careful with how we dry and store these items. Ensure your domestic helper lets them air dry completely before storing them to prevent any germs or even mould from growing. If she is preparing baby in the kitchen make sure she washes utensils with detergent and warm water, and stores in the same way. And remember: by cleaning kitchen cupboards regularly she'll be keeping your storage area hygienic and not undoing all that hard work sterilising those baby bottles.

washing hands with soap

Get Happy With Hand Washing  

Another huge part of home hygiene is washing hands regularly, both your domestic helper's and your children's. Be sure to talk to your helper about the importance of hand hygiene when they start. Ask her to pay close attention to things that your child picks up in their hands (soon to then go into their mouths…) and be sure to provide antibacterial wipes to use just in case.

This should give you a good idea of how to help your domestic helper clean your home when you have a baby or child around. Put these into action and both of you will enjoy watching your little one grow and explore.

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