6 Ways to Upskill Your Domestic Helper

Developing your domestic helper’s skills can be tough and time-consuming, but essential in many cases. Oftentimes, the pre-training first-timers receive before coming to Hong Kong is quite basic, insufficient, and at times even inadequate, preventing them from being able to care for a household properly.

Sometimes, a helper’s skill set just doesn’t meet her employer’s standards and a proper training to bring her up to speed is required. Training your helper…

HelperChoice Launches its Academy to Reinvent Training for Domestic Workers

HelperChoice, the social platform connecting helpers and employers, announced today the launch of its HelperChoice Academy. This breakthrough innovation offers a new way of envisioning training for domestic workers in Hong Kong: domestic workers can get an unlimited access to a wide range of training classes thanks a monthly subscription.


“We think that all employees should be able to grow by learning new skills throughout their lives. Domestic workers should…

How to Help My Domestic Helper Improve Her Language Skills?

Needless to say that speaking the same language as your conversation partner greatly simplifies things – the same applies to your domestic worker. Allowing time for your helper to develop her language skills is essential in order to avoid miscommunication and thus reduce any tensions that might strain the helper-employer relationship.

Surely, mastering another language also opens doors to learning from and understanding new cultures. On top of that, improving her language…

What to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Cooking Class for Your Helper

Signing your domestic helper up for a cooking course to improve her skills is an investment, but it can be extremely valuable to both of you. Choosing a cooking class in Hong Kong is no easy task given the multiple options available out there. Various factors can definitely make the task easier and help you pick the most appropriate one for your helper.


Identify your domestic helper’s needs

Having clarity on your helper’s skills and identifying any gaps and the areas…

Should you talk to your helper about financial education?

Investing in your helper’s financial education

Lenlen Mesina, Enrich HK

In addition to the convenience and comfort of having someone assist us in our day-to-day life – take care of our children, manage and clean the household and ensure food is prepared when we want it and how we like it – is there anything your helper will not do to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

Often, employers overlook the value and care that domestic workers put into their …