Baking, Cooking, Kitchen Management: Which Class for My Domestic Helper?

Cooking is one of the finest skills one can master. Surely all cooks aren’t chefs but with practice, anyone can sharpen their culinary skills and prepare savoury dishes.

Baking classes

Baking is a particular form of food preparation which consists of cooking food through exposure to dry heat, typically in an oven, without directly exposing it to a flame.


What will my domestic worker get to learn?

By signing your helper up for a class and depending on the curriculum, your…

How to Help My Domestic Helper Improve Her Language Skills?

Needless to say that speaking the same language as your conversation partner greatly simplifies things – the same applies to your domestic worker. Allowing time for your helper to develop her language skills is essential in order to avoid miscommunication and thus reduce any tensions that might strain the helper-employer relationship.

Surely, mastering another language also opens doors to learning from and understanding new cultures. On top of that, improving her language…

What to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Cooking Class for Your Helper

Signing your domestic helper up for a cooking course to improve her skills is an investment, but it can be extremely valuable to both of you. Choosing a cooking class in Hong Kong is no easy task given the multiple options available out there. Various factors can definitely make the task easier and help you pick the most appropriate one for your helper.


Identify your domestic helper’s needs

Having clarity on your helper’s skills and identifying any gaps and the areas…

6 Ways to Train Your Domestic Helper

Training your domestic helper can be tough and time-consuming, but essential in many cases. Oftentimes, the pre-training first-timers receive before coming to Hong Kong is quite basic, insufficient, and at times even inadequate, preventing them from being able to care for a household properly.

Sometimes, a helper’s skill set just doesn’t meet her employer’s standards and a proper training to bring her up to speed is required. Training your helper enables her to develop…

Should You Send Your Helper to a First Aid Course?

Having a medical emergency is a worry for everyone. Especially if you are not at home and your helper takes care of your children or elderly parents.

Accidents can happen everywhere and to anyone. No one likes them and everyone worries about them, especially when it comes to kids or bed-ridden parents. You may consider sending your helper to a helper first aid course, but they can be expensive and it may take you a while to find the right course. And then, is it really necessary to do…

10 Helper Cooking Classes in Hong Kong

Cooking classes are surely the best way to build up your helper’s confidence in the kitchen and enable her to master new skills, learn the art of cooking in different cuisines and become more creative about food. There are many options of cooking classes for your helpers out there. Read on to find just what you have been looking for all along.


Towngas runs basic cookery classes targeted at helpers. Their Introduction to Chinese Cooking course will teach your helper everything…

15 Helper Cooking Classes in Singapore

Demand for cooking classes targeted at helpers is on the rise in Singapore. Cookbooks do wonders, there is no doubt about it. Needless to say that nothing beats learning by doing though – especially when an experienced professional shows you the (right) way.  Many organisations islandwide are offering – and some are specialising in – hands-on courses and workshops for helpers to teach them the basics, give them a solid foundation and help them improve their culinary…

Educating your helper on healthy cooking practices

Diet-related diseases are on the rise – even in Singapore – and have become a global problem. The good news is that many of us are increasingly more conscious that adopting a healthier lifestyle is crucial (by paying extra attention to what’s on our plates among other things). Preparing our meals from scratch undeniably makes it easier to control what we – and our loved ones – are eating. But for many of us, that is not possible – at least not all the time.

Many of us in Singapore…

Should you talk to your helper about financial education?

Investing in your helper’s financial education

Lenlen Mesina, Enrich HK

In addition to the convenience and comfort of having someone assist us in our day-to-day life – take care of our children, manage and clean the household and ensure food is prepared when we want it and how we like it – is there anything your helper will not do to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

Often, employers overlook the value and care that domestic workers put into their …

3 Tips On How to Train Your Helper

Training your helper is key to a smooth-running household


Employers sometimes overlook the importance of training their domestic workers. Some say it’s a waste of time, while others claim it’s not necessary. But not training your helper before she starts to work can actually cost you more than you realise.  So where do you begin? Here are some tips on how to properly train helpers.

#1 Show them how to clean

Cleaning styles are different for every person. But since…