3 Tips On How to Upskill Your Domestic Helper

Improving your helper’s skills is key to a smooth-running household

Employers sometimes overlook the importance of upskilling their domestic workers. Some say it’s a waste of time, while others claim it’s not necessary. But not upskilling your helper before she starts to work can actually cost you more than you realise.  So where do you begin? Here are some tips on how to properly train helpers.

#1 Show them your cleaning style

Cleaning styles are different …

Baking, Cooking, Kitchen Management: Which Class for My Domestic Helper?

Cooking is one of the finest skills one can master. Surely all cooks aren’t chefs but with practice, anyone can sharpen their culinary skills and prepare savoury dishes.

Baking classes

Baking is a particular form of food preparation which consists of cooking food through exposure to dry heat, typically in an oven, without directly exposing it to a flame.


What will my domestic worker get to learn?

By signing your helper up for a class and depending on the curriculum, your…

Helpers Got Tips on Managing Savings Through HelperChoice Academy

“What are your dreams and your goals?”

This is the first question the instructor asked domestic helpers who attended the HelperChoice Academy’s first “Money Wise Migrants” workshop on 29 April 2018. Most domestic helpers come to work in Hong Kong in order to contribute more to their families, but many of them have their own dreams: provide a good education for their children, buy a house, have their own business in their home country… And…

Helpers Learn to Prepare Delicious Cupcakes Thanks to HelperChoice Academy

On 7 April 2018, six proactive domestic helpers, who enrolled in HelperChoice Academy,  joined a cupcake demo workshop organised by the Academy program. During this fun and engaging baking lesson, the participants learned from a professional everything about making and decorating fabulous cupcakes.


The whole lesson was very informative and interactive. The teacher was really light-hearted and engaging. She made use of examples that are related to helpers e.g.…

HelperChoice and Enrich Join Forces to Make Training More Accessible to Domestic Workers in Hong Kong

HelperChoice launched its Academy end of February so domestic workers can benefit from continuous training thanks to a monthly subscription. The team worked with several educators and training professionals to define the content of the workshops and came up with a catalogue of diversified classes. Enrich, the leading Hong Kong charity promoting the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers, is in charge of teaching the financial management classes for the HelperChoice…

Help Your Helper Overcome Language Barriers

It is important to build a healthy relationship with your helper right from the start to ensure things go as smoothly as you had pictured. However, this can sometimes be tough as communication – which can make or break a relationship – can be hindered by several factors including language. Language can be a huge barrier often leading to miscommunications and as a result of frustrations (especially over safety concerns).

Sign language can be fun – at least for a while – …

6 Ways to Upskill Your Domestic Helper

Developing your domestic helper’s skills can be tough and time-consuming, but essential in many cases. Oftentimes, the pre-training first-timers receive before coming to Hong Kong is quite basic, insufficient, and at times even inadequate, preventing them from being able to care for a household properly.

Sometimes, a helper’s skill set just doesn’t meet her employer’s standards and a proper training to bring her up to speed is required. Training your helper…

HelperChoice Launches its Academy to Reinvent Training for Domestic Workers

HelperChoice, the social platform connecting helpers and employers, announced today the launch of its HelperChoice Academy. This breakthrough innovation offers a new way of envisioning training for domestic workers in Hong Kong: domestic workers can get an unlimited access to a wide range of training classes thanks a monthly subscription.


“We think that all employees should be able to grow by learning new skills throughout their lives. Domestic workers should…

How to Help My Domestic Helper Improve Her Language Skills?

Needless to say that speaking the same language as your conversation partner greatly simplifies things – the same applies to your domestic worker. Allowing time for your helper to develop her language skills is essential in order to avoid miscommunication and thus reduce any tensions that might strain the helper-employer relationship.

Surely, mastering another language also opens doors to learning from and understanding new cultures. On top of that, improving her language…

What to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Cooking Class for Your Helper

Signing your domestic helper up for a cooking course to improve her skills is an investment, but it can be extremely valuable to both of you. Choosing a cooking class in Hong Kong is no easy task given the multiple options available out there. Various factors can definitely make the task easier and help you pick the most appropriate one for your helper.


Identify your domestic helper’s needs

Having clarity on your helper’s skills and identifying any gaps and the areas…