Increase Minimum Wage Domestic Helper Hong Kong

Don’t get yourself in trouble. What does the salary increase for domestic helpers mean for you?

After months of lobbying, the government has decided to raise the minimum wage for foreign domestic helpers by HK$100. Regardless or whether or not you are happy with this, read further to find out what implications there are for you.

Helpers already hired

For employers who have signed contracts on or before the 30th of September 2015, nothing changes. You can follow the previous…

Should I give my new helper statutory holidays?

When you hire a helper, you also suddenly become an employer. The Hong Kong guidelines about helper statutory holidays can be very confusing and vague. Here is a quick insight into what to do.

Your new helper has just started and a statutory holiday is approaching. Some employers think their helper is not entitled to this, but is this really the case?


The Hong Kong labor law answers this question. All Hong Kong domestic helpers are entitled to the 12 statutory days off annually.…

3 Ways to Help Your New Helper Settle In

Take some time to help your new helper settle in

Settling into a new job can be tricky. This is especially the case if your helper is living far away from home. Moving in with their new employers, while at the same time settling into your their new job can be daunting. Make the transition easier for your new helper by taking some time to help your new helper settle in. They’ll be happier and work harder, and everyone is a winner. Here are a few quick tips for helping your new domestic…