How to take your helper on holiday?

You may be thinking about taking your helper with you on your holiday. Depending on your destination and holiday duration, this can be quite challenging.

When you take your helper on holiday, securing the right visa for your helper is key. In many South-east Asian countries your helper is allowed to join you on a short stay tourist, but in many western countries, your helper will need to apply for a special visa. If you want to avoid tourist issues ruining your holiday, contacting…

Taking your Domestic Helper on Holidays: A Guide to Visa Requirements

Bringing your domestic worker abroad with you sometimes requires (a lot of) work and planning, especially when it comes to processing the paperwork necessary to obtain the proper visa. Requirements vary across countries and based on your helper’s nationality as well as the duration of her stay. Here is a compiled list of requirements to facilitate your domestic helper’s visa application and make sure that she can tag along on your next holidays to some of the most popular…

Everything You Need to Know About Your Helper’s Days Off in Singapore

Is my helper entitled to days off?

By law, your helper is entitled to a certain number of days off. As an employer, you are required to provide her with a weekly rest day. Should your domestic helper and you reach an agreement and decide that she is to work on her days off, she must receive compensation for those worked rest days. Keep in mind that rest days are essential though as they allow helpers to have a break and recuperate from work and as such should not be denied.


How can …

(Press Release) HK Government Raises the Penalty For Overcharging Domestic Helpers: The Beginning Of a New Story?

(The Chinese version follows the English one.)

A recent survey published last month by SAFE (Students Against Fees and Exploitation) interviewing 3,000 domestic helpers and investigating in more than 100 employment agencies in Hong Kong revealed that 70% of the agencies overcharge domestic helper.

The placement fees which are received by an agency sometimes exceed by up to 13 times the legal limit which is defined by the Employment Ordinance and the Employment Agency Regulations…

Everything you should know about home leave

If you are planning to take a leave and go back to your homeland for the holidays, know that there are certain rules you need to comply with to be allowed to re-enter Singapore. Immigration requirements vary though – depending on factors such as your nationality and on how long you have been working with your current employer.

What’s the process like for Indonesian nationals?

It is relatively easy. As an Indonesian FDW you do not need to register with your Embassy. Just make …

MOM announces changes in Personal Accident Insurance for helpers

After last month’s raise in the minimum salary for Filipino helpers, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) announced last Sunday changes to the Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for foreign domestic workers effective October 2017.

Those changes aim at harmonizing practices in the insurance sector and creating a solid and common framework for insurance providers to guarantee a more efficient and comprehensive protection for foreign domestic workers and their families back…

Everything you need to know about your helper’s family visiting

Your helper’s children in the Philippines are planning a visit into town to see their mother and you are wondering how things are going to unfold, logistically speaking. The following information will shed some light on the – sometimes quite tedious – process your helper must go through to have her family over.

What’s the process like for my helper?

Your helper will have to go through various steps and make sure that all the necessary paperwork has been processed – especially…

Is your domestic helper entitled to statutory holidays?

You may not know it but there is actually a clear distinction between Statutory Holidays and General Holidays in Hong Kong. Here is a short guide to help you navigate through the blurs and complexities.

Usually, in Hong Kong, only banks, schools and other academic institutions observe General Holidays. Statutory Holidays on the other hand are mandatory, no matter what. According to the Labour Department, 12 holidays – such as the first day of January, Lunar New Year’s Day…

Indonesian helpers in Hong Kong can now renew contracts directly

From January 2017, Indonesian domestic helpers and their employers will no longer need to use an agency to renew their contracts in Hong Kong, according to the Indonesian Consulate General.

This applies to domestic workers who are finishing their two-year contracts and who will be renewing with the same employer. Both the helper and employer must agree to renew their contract without assistance from an agency.

If an agreement is reached, the employer will need to submit a letter…

Hong Kong government promotes safety at work for domestic helpers

The Hong Kong government is sharing videos and booklets to educate employers and domestic helpers about work safety – particularly relating to window cleaning.

This follows the announcement of new rules that say helpers can only clean window exteriors above the ground floor when window grilles are fixed and an adult is there to supervise.

Since a clause to that effect will only be included in new, or renewed, contracts (and not existing ones), the government is running a campaign…