3 Things to Keep in Mind to Find the Right Helper

Hiring the right helper is difficult. Keep these 3 things in mind.


Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to hire a helper. Perhaps you are expecting a baby, or will start working full-time. Whatever the reason you’re looking for a helper, finding the right helper is important. Here are some helpful tips.

#1 Consider your lifestyle

In understanding what suits your needs, you’d have to know yourself well enough. This means that when deciding on which…

Indonesian Helpers in Hong Kong Can Now Renew Contracts Directly

From January 2017, Indonesian domestic helpers and their employers will no longer need to use an agency to renew their contracts in Hong Kong, according to the Indonesian Consulate General.

This applies to domestic workers who are finishing their two-year contracts and who will be renewing with the same employer. Both the helper and employer must agree to renew their contract without assistance from an agency.

If an agreement is reached, the employer will need to submit a letter…

Increase Minimum Wage Domestic Helper Hong Kong

Don’t get yourself in trouble. What does the salary increase for domestic helpers mean for you?

After months of lobbying, the government has decided to raise the minimum wage for foreign domestic helpers by HK$100. Regardless or whether or not you are happy with this, read further to find out what implications there are for you.

Helpers already hired

For employers who have signed contracts on or before the 30th of September 2015, nothing changes. You can follow the previous…