The Difference between Domestic Helper Release Letter, Termination Letter and Reference Letter

There are several cases which could lead to the end of your helper’s contract: either you or your domestic helper decided to terminate the contract ahead of time, or one of you decided not to renew it. Depending on the different cases, there are legal requirements and “nice-to-have”.


Drafting a termination letter for domestic helper

If you or your domestic helper decided to terminate the contract ahead of time, you legally need to draw up a termination letter where…

Minimum Wage or More? Paying the Right Salary to Your Domestic Helper

A lot of preconceptions are usually heard when it comes to domestic workers salaries in Hong Kong: “You should never pay your helper too much”, “Your helper starting wage is so high, you will definitely spoil the market for other employers!” and so on.

These sayings might frustrate you, as most of the employers you want to be fair to your new domestic helper, but also not being taken advantage of.


The reality of the minimum wage for domestic helpers in Hong Kong

In …

How to Prepare a Domestic Helper’s Room Properly

It is important to offer your domestic helper a proper living quarter so that she can gain enough rest after a long day working. But things get a tad more complicated when it comes to the accommodation arrangement as foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong or Singapore are required to live with their employers.

HelperChoice investigated the most common living arrangements for domestic helpers in Hong Kong. The survey exposes that a large majority (70%) of the job offers include…

Hacks for a Great Domestic Helper Interview

Interviewing a domestic helper is a crucial task in your quest for a trustworthy and capable domestic helper.

In the interview, you will be able to assess the domestic helper’s communication skills and motivation. This step of the hiring process is difficult to outsource as it all depends on your click with the candidate and intuition, and because the domestic helper will take care of your children and your home.

We recommend you to personally interview all shortlisted candidates…

Essential Steps to Domestic Helper Visa Processing in Hong Kong

Find a domestic helper that matches your family’s needs and expectations is only the beginning of the hiring process. Handling the paperwork for the work visa can be confusing and time-consuming. In Hong Kong, the domestic helper visa processing involves 2 steps: employment contract notarization at the consulate and visa application at the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Pay attention to every single part of the process so that you do not make unnecessary mistakes.…

Guide to Terminating a Domestic Helper

Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to terminate your domestic helper’s contract. Be sure to follow the necessary steps if this is the case.


Consider if you really want to terminate your domestic helper’s contract

Dismissing your domestic helper will have an impact on her career prospects and on the family she is supporting back home. If you are relocating or suddenly no longer have the financial means, or if you are moving into a smaller apartment, you may unfortunately…

Key Facts on Hiring a Foreign Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

The process of hiring a foreign domestic helper can be time-consuming and daunting. In order to help you navigate this process more easily, we have prepared some resources with all you need to know about domestic helpers in Hong Kong.


An overview of foreign domestic helpers

There are over 380,000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Domestic helpers have been a great support for dual income families – they take care of your household, your children and/or your…

Job Interview Tips for Domestic Helpers: How to Stand out in an Interview

The domestic helper interview is an important part of the hiring process for the employer. After the interview, they will have a better idea of the person you are. Here are some tips that will help every domestic helper to prepare for the upcoming job interviews.

Be on time

The employer is looking for a trustworthy domestic helper applicant so make sure you are on time. In case you are running late, let the employer know by calling her or sending her a message so she will know. Inform…

Opening a Bank Account in Hong Kong For Your Domestic Helper: The Ultimate Guide

Maybe you just employed a new domestic helper or maybe you have been employing her for a few years. In any case, you might wonder how to pay the domestic helper’s salary every month, should you give her cash directly or make a bank transfer?


What are the advantages of opening a bank account for your domestic helper?

In Hong Kong, many domestic helpers do not have have a bank account to receive their salary. Helping your domestic helper open a bank account is a win-win situation…

How to be Ready to Welcome Your New Domestic Helper?

You have just hired your new domestic helper. Now it is time to prepare your family and your house so that you can welcome your domestic helper in the best conditions.


1) Your domestic helper’s living arrangement

This is a crucial point. If your domestic helper feels comfortable in her own room that will translate in her work. Ideally, while you were interviewing the domestic helper, you discussed where she is going to sleep so she knows what to expect exactly. You may have…