How to Handle Domestic Helper Problems

Establishing a positive relationship with your domestic helper is important, especially if you envision a long-term hire. This means you will have to handle domestic helper problems carefully.

“My children are not allowed to eat sweets during the week, but I can tell from their behaviour that the domestic helper gave them candy. Should I fire her?” Some employers are quick to terminate their domestic helper’s contract when they do not following instructions. Others…

3 Ways to Help Your New Domestic Helper Settle In

Settling into a new job can be tricky. This is especially the case if your domestic helper is living far away from home. Moving in with their new employers, while at the same time settling into their new job can be daunting. Make the transition easier for your new domestic helper by taking some time to help your new domestic helper settle in. They’ll be happier and work harder, and everyone is a winner. Here are a few quick tips for helping your new domestic helper settle into their…

Mending a Strained Domestic Helper-Employer Relationship

Relationships experience ups and downs, and that’s quite normal. Constant nurturing is crucial though; otherwise, they might just break down (and sometimes beyond repair). The domestic helper-employer relationship is no exception. It can be even more difficult to navigate given the intimate nature that characterizes it – working in a private household can be intricate as the lines can sometimes get blurry. When left unattended, relationships can cause tensions,…

Should I Give My Domestic Helper a Bonus or Increase the Salary?

Your domestic helper has been with you for a while and you may wonder if you should increase her salary or give her a bonus. What do other employers do?

There is no golden rule or a standard practice when it comes to giving your domestic helper a bonus or increasing her wage. But don’t pull your hair out yet, we went out and asked what others do.

When should I give my domestic helper a bonus or salary increase?

There is absolutely no consensus on this, but many employers consider this …

5 Tips to Manage Your House When Your Domestic Helper Is on Leave

You never quite realise how useful your domestic worker is until they go away. Whether they are going back to their home country for a few weeks or are taking a break in a different city, it can be difficult to manage the house during this period. However, it’s important to keep your house clean and your family well looked after throughout this time, and while it may seem tricky, there are lots of ways to do it. Here are five tips to help you – from spending some time doing a clear out…

Hacks for a Great Domestic Helper Interview

Interviewing a domestic helper is a crucial task in your quest for a trustworthy and capable domestic helper. In the interview, you will be able to assess the candidate’s communication skills and motivation. This process is difficult to outsource as it all depends on your click with the candidate and intuition, and because the domestic helper will take care of your children and your home.

Domestic helper interview tips

We recommend you to personally interview all shortlisted…

Job Interview Tips for Domestic Helpers: How to Stand out in an Interview

The domestic helper interview is an important part of the hiring process for the employer. After the interview, they will have a better idea of the person you are. Here are some tips that will help every domestic helper to prepare for the upcoming job interviews.

Be on time

The employer is looking for a trustworthy domestic helper applicant so make sure you are on time. In case you are running late, let the employer know by calling her or sending her a message so she will know. Inform…

Opening a Bank Account For Your Domestic Helper: The Ultimate Guide

Maybe you just employed a new domestic helper or maybe you have been employing her for a few years. In any case, you might wonder how to pay her salary every month, should you give her cash directly or make a bank transfer?

In Hong Kong many domestic helpers do not have have a bank account to receive their wage and food allowance.


What are the advantages of opening a bank account for your helper?

Helping your helper open a bank account is a win-win situation for both of you. You will…

Help! Since I’ve Hired a Domestic Helper My Privacy Is Gone

Your home has not felt the same since your domestic helper has been working for you. What are the common causes and what can you do about to improve both your own privacy and your domestic helper’s one?

Maintaining privacy with a live-in domestic helper is not easy. When your domestic helper first started working for you, the issue of privacy may not have been so pronounced. But over time, you may start to feel less and less comfortable having her around all the time. This can even…

Release Letter, Termination Letter, Recommendation Letter, Which and When?

Release letter, termination letter, recommendation letter… what are the differences and how to draft them?

There are several cases which could lead to the end of your helper’s contract: either you or your domestic helper decided to terminate the contract ahead of time, or one of you decided not to renew it. Depending on the different cases, there are legal requirements and “nice-to-have”.


#1 – Drafting a termination letter

If you or your domestic helper decided…