House Rules for Domestic Helpers

Domestic helpers are a blessing to many families, but managing them can be challenging. Drafting house rules for domestic helpers and specific helper guidelines will create some much-wanted peace.

Every household has its own rhythms and habits. A new domestic worker joining your family may have difficulty with the house rules used in your family. Even if she has a lot of experience, she will need time to learn your way of doing things.


General points of house rules for…

Where to Find Cooking Classes for Domestic Helpers in Singapore

Many employers in Singapore are looking forward to upskilling their maids, especially when it comes to improving their cooking skills. Cookbooks do wonders, there is no doubt about it. But it is needless to say that nothing beats actual cooking classes – especially when an experienced professional shows you the (right) way.


The benefits of registering your helper in cooking classes The benefits as an employer

Not every domestic worker is a good cook, and it is ok, we…

Taking Your Domestic Helper on Holidays: A Guide to Visa Requirements

Bringing your domestic helper abroad with you sometimes requires (a lot of) work and planning, especially when it comes to processing the paperwork necessary to obtain the proper visa.

Requirements vary across countries and based on your domestic helper’s nationality as well as the duration of her stay. Here is a compiled list of requirements to facilitate your domestic helper’s visa application and make sure that she can tag along on your next holidays to some of the most…

The Difference between Domestic Helper Release Letter, Termination Letter and Reference Letter

There are several cases which could lead to the end of your helper’s contract: either you or your domestic helper decided to terminate the contract ahead of time, or one of you decided not to renew it. Depending on the different cases, there are legal requirements and “nice-to-have”.


Drafting a termination letter for domestic helper

If you or your domestic helper decided to terminate the contract ahead of time, you legally need to draw up a termination letter where…

Minimum Wage or More? Paying the Right Salary to Your Domestic Helper

A lot of preconceptions are usually heard when it comes to domestic workers salaries in Hong Kong: “You should never pay your helper too much”, “Your helper starting wage is so high, you will definitely spoil the market for other employers!” and so on.

These sayings might frustrate you, as most of the employers you want to be fair to your new domestic helper, but also not being taken advantage of.


The reality of the minimum wage for domestic helpers in Hong Kong

In …

What Do You Need to Know About Domestic Helper Loan Sharks?

You may have heard of employers being harassed by loan sharks because their domestic helpers used the residence address for taking out loans and are not able to repay the debts. But why are many domestic helpers in debt and how can you prevent your helper from getting into debts?


Why do domestic helpers borrow money? Because of recruitment debts charged by unethical employment agencies

Legally, placement fees employment agencies in Hong Kong charged to domestic helpers…

Vacation Leave (Home Leave) for Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

By law, upon completion of the current contract and the commencement of the new contract, the domestic helper must return to her home country for a vacation leave (or home leave), for at least 7 days.


The difference between a vacation leave and an annual leave for domestic helpers

Both vacation leave and annual leave as part of holidays domestic helpers in Hong Kong are entitled to. The vacation leave should not be included in the domestic helper’s annual leave. As such,…

How to Prepare a Domestic Helper’s Room Properly

It is important to offer your domestic helper a proper living quarter so that she can gain enough rest after a long day working. But things get a tad more complicated when it comes to the accommodation arrangement as foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong or Singapore are required to live with their employers.

HelperChoice investigated the most common living arrangements for domestic helpers in Hong Kong. The survey exposes that a large majority (70%) of the job offers include…

Which Statutory Holidays Your Domestic Helper Is Entitled To

Your new domestic helper has just started and a statutory holiday is approaching. Some employers think their domestic helper is not entitled to this. But is this really the case?


The law about statutory holidays for domestic helpers

Statutory holidays are mandatory holidays for domestic helpers according to the Hong Kong law – all foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong are entitled to the 12 statutory holidays annually regardless of their length of service. Even…

How and Where to Open a Bank Account for Your Maid in Singapore

From 1 January 2019, employers of foreign domestic workers (FDW) in Singapore are no longer allowed to safe keep any money belonging to their maid including the salary in order to protect both parties from money-related disputes. Therefore, opening a bank account for your maid will be one of the best ways for both, you and the maid to manage her money.


Benefits of maids having a bank account Avoiding salary-related disputes

Employers can set up auto-transfer instruction…