Why you should open a bank account in Singapore

Not having a bank account can be limiting in many ways. If you have been in Singapore for some time and are in this situation then you probably agree with us on that – it is not convenient at all. The benefits of having a bank account are multiple. Banking enables you to manage your money more efficiently allowing you to save more. Safety is also a big advantage as bank accounts ensure protection of your money – especially from theft and loss in disasters (you never know what might…

Hong Kong government promotes safety at work for domestic helpers

The Hong Kong government is sharing videos and booklets to educate employers and domestic helpers about work safety – particularly relating to window cleaning.

This follows the announcement of new rules that say helpers can only clean window exteriors above the ground floor when window grilles are fixed and an adult is there to supervise.

Since a clause to that effect will only be included in new, or renewed, contracts (and not existing ones), the government is running a campaign…

New documentary investigates the illegal practices of helper agencies

A new documentary shows how foreign domestic workers from the Philippines are charged illegal fees by many employment agencies, and highlights that the government is not doing enough to protect the rights of these helpers.

The documentary, called ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’, investigates the unethical activities of many employment agencies in Hong Kong, and shows how helpers often have little choice but to take out loans to pay excessive fees.

This makes it difficult…

New Filipino helper contracts in HK will exclude window cleaning from duties

From next week Saturday, Filipino domestic helpers who sign contracts to work in Hong Kong will no longer need to clean the exteriors of windows, according to the Philippines consulate.

A letter to employment agencies, from Labor Attache Jalilo Dela Torre, says this clause will be automatically printed on all new contracts from October 15th. The letter was shared by Hong Kong News.

The clause will read: “For safety purposes, cleaning the exterior of windows is not part of …

What do you need to know about domestic helper loan sharks?

Many foreign domestic helpers are caught in a spiraling debt cycle due to employment related fee loans that they owe to domestic helper loan sharks. And all that even before they start their job.

“When I got a job in Hong Kong, I paid US$300 in the Philippines and then another HK$11,000 in Hong Kong. I didn’t have the money, but then the agent told me I could give him my passport and loan the money. The interest was 60%, but I had no other choice. It took me 6 months to pay everything …

Help! Since I’ve hired a domestic helper my privacy is gone

Your home has not felt the same since your domestic helper has been working for you. What are the common causes and what can you do about them?

Maintaining privacy with a live-in helper is not easy. When your helper first started working for you, the issue of privacy may not have been so pronounced. But over time, you may start to feel less and less comfortable having her around all the time. This can even lead to you considering to not have a helper at all despite all the benefits she brings…

Is it allowed for your FDH to stay out on the weekend?

Your helper has requested to stay out on the weekend. She says that she is free to do as she pleases during her 24-hour rest period. Is your helper allowed to do this? And should you let her?

This question is more common than you think. Your helper is naturally entitled to her rest day of consecutively 24 hours, but her staying out is a different issue. Every employer will have their own preferences.

Some employers are very close to their helpers and worry about them as if they were family.…

What to do when your helper cooks unhealthy food?

Food seasoning and cooking methods can be very personal. Normally that is not a problem, but it may be when your helper cooks unhealthy food for you and your children.

In this day and age many people worry about eating healthily. In a city like Hong Kong we may often eat outside where we have no control over amounts of salt, oil, sugar and food additives used. So eating a healthy meal at home becomes so much more important. Sounds simple, but it becomes much more complicated when others…

5 Common Helper Problems

How to deal with helper problems?

Hiring a domestic helper for your house is great! It allows you to focus on more important things such as work and  your spouse and kids while your helper does the chores like cleaning, sweeping, or dusting your house. But like anything else, having a helper means you’ll have challenges along the way. Be prepared for these 5 common helper problems. Most of these problems don’t have to lead to dismissals. Instead, with good communication…