My Domestic Helper Is Sick: How Can I Handle Everything on my Own?

Domestic helpers have become such a vital part of our lives. They provide us with valuable extra-hands at home by helping out with the household chores, looking after the kids and elderly parents. Finding out that our domestic helper is sick might be really tricky, since it means even more things to handle on our own, while we were not especially ready for it.


What should I do if my domestic helper is sick?

No matter how unexpected it is or how complicated the situation might…

Keeping Your Family Safe During Hot Weather

Hot weather can be particularly harsh on both children and elderly as their bodies are less efficient at regulating temperature. So how to make sure they always are safe in summer and how to recognize first signs of dehydration and sunstrokes? Here are our tips for hot days that you and your domestic helper should know.


At home

Home is the place where your family will spend most of their time, although it feels like a safe environment, heat can strike too. These points would…

Five Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in Hot Weather

As summer is looming, most of us are already dreading the hot temperatures. One of the main annoyances is definitely managing to sleep under elevated temperatures. Although the ideal sleeping temperature differs for each of us, research has shown that weather does affect sleep and hot temperature can cause more stress – of course, this varies greatly across individuals – resulting in sleeping disorders.


Achieving a cooler room temperature is crucial especially…

Seen on Sunday: Migrants Health Matters

Sharing health-related matters was the central message at the Migrants Health Matters event.

A volunteer is asking a domestic helper what HIV stands for: A. Human Infection Virus B. Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The Indonesian women looks confused and asks, rather than answers, A? The volunteer looks at her and asks: “are you sure?” The Indonesian helper looks at her friend, who is equally confused, and shrugs her shoulders. The volunteer sighs, shortly explains that…