Why People in Hong Kong Can’t Get by Without Their Domestic Helpers

After having employed a domestic helper, many employers feel like they cannot be without helpers. If you’ve just arrived in Hong Kong or never had a helper, find out why so many people swear by employing one.

There are more than 50 million worldwide and about 350,000 in Hong Kong. Hiring a nanny or helper is a viable option for many families. Here are our top 8 reasons why we cannot be without helpers.

1) It makes working life easier

You don’t have to rush home to make dinner or to pick up the children. And when your children are sick, you don’t need to call your boss with an “excuse” as to why you have to stay home again with your child. In fact, has indicated that working professionals felt they were performing better in their jobs when they had helpers.

2) are amazing people

They are very often cheerful and willing to work hard. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that your helper is working long hours, missing her children and still smiling and singing through all of it. It’s a great quality for your children to grow up with.

3) Don’t be a stress ball

When you leave work, you don’t have to stress to make it to the supermarket before it closes or to rush home to walk the dog. Rather, when you come home your children may have already eaten and are ready to be put in bed by you. After which, you and your partner can sit down to a relaxed dinner.

4) It’s affordable and readily available

Employing a helper is quite affordable in Asia and there are many women who would like to work in Hong Kong. This makes it much easier to find the right fit for your family. And as we all know, having the right person means a world of difference.

5) An extra pair of hands at home

Even if you are a stay-at-home parent, extra help at home is always welcome. You can dedicate all of your attention to your children while your helper is buying ingredients and cooking a dinner. You still have your work cut out for you, but it’s not as tough.

6) You can sleep in

Not just on Sundays, but also during the week, you can turn around one more time before getting up. Your helper can help the children to get dressed, after which you can have breakfast together. Even if you prefer to get your children ready yourself, you don’t need to wake up earlier to start cleaning or making breakfast.

7) Your house is always clean, well almost

Most helpers are very proud of the work they do and their ability to keep the house clean and tidy. It’s not always easy with children, but with your helper around, things will be as clean as possible.

8) You can enjoy life AND spend time with the

Having a helper means that you can just relax at home after work. It also means that you can spend your time differently. Instead of washing, ironing and folding clothes, you can take your child to the playground or you can go for a picnic in the park. And don’t ever feel guilty for spending time with your kids!

It’s not always sunshine and butterflies with a helper. But when it is, it is so nice. Find the right match for yourself and find out why so many employers cannot be without helpers. What are you waiting for?

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