Increase Minimum Wage Domestic Helper Hong Kong

Minimum wage domestic helper hong kong

Don’t get yourself in trouble. What does the salary increase for domestic helpers mean for you?

After months of lobbying, the government has decided to raise the minimum wage for foreign domestic helpers by HK$100. Regardless or whether or not you are happy with this, read further to find out what implications there are for you.

Helpers already hired

For employers who have signed contracts on or before the 30th of September 2015, nothing changes. You can follow the previous minimum wage of HK$4,110 per month and the food allowance of HK$964. You are of course welcome to give your domestic helper a higher salary.

Hiring a helper from 1 October 2015

Every employer who signs the Standard Employment Contract with a helper will have to follow the new regulations. This means that the Minimum Allowable Wage is set at HK$4,210 per month. Besides the salary, you will also have to consider whether you will give your helper free food or provide her with a food allowance. In case you prefer to give your helper a food allowance, the legal minimum amount is HK$995.  This is an increase of HK$31 per month.

Government Announcement

According to the SCMP, a government spokesman said the following: “The government has taken into account Hong Kong’s future economic outlook in the near-term, as well as the need to strike a balance between affordability for employers on one hand and the livelihood of [foreign domestic helpers] on the other in reaching the decision on the above-mentioned adjustment”.