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9 Activities for Helpers to Do with Kids in Hong Kong

Our children spend a lot of time with our and as such we expect them to bond and spend quality time together. What better way than through fun activities? Our children are fond of them (and let's face it, so are we!), and on top of contributing to helping them connect with others, activities are a great way for our little ones to develop cognitively and emotionally. One can easily run out of ideas to entertain them, but worry not, we have compiled a list of fun and interactive activities for your kiddos to enjoy with your domestic helper:

Encourage your domestic helper to get your out as often as possible

Obviously, when weather permits! – so they can get their daily dose of recommended fresh air. Being outdoors does wonders! Strolling out to the nearest park or going out for a walk will surely please them and help them burn off lots of energy.

What about the library?

It can be a fascinating place for kids with its free access to a bevy of entertaining books, CDs, DVDs and magazines – and a great place to hit in the summer and on rainy days. Be sure to keep an eye out on programmes which often include storytelling sessions and puppet shows.

Hitting the museums

Going to the museum can keep the kids busy for many hours all while having fun and enjoying a multitude of educational sessions.

Taking them on a field visit trip to a farm

It will surely make them feel more connected to nature, introduce them to how our is grown, and spark their curiosity!

Board and cards games

It is important to develop children's cognitive skills. A great way to do that is through the board and card games – it is however recommended to stick to games that are appropriate for their age.

Imaginative plays

Encouraging a child's creativity through imaginative plays greatly benefits their social and cognitive development.

Cooking classes or cooking at home

Cooking can be a fun way to pass time and learn about the various ingredients, tastes and smells. It can also be an opportunity for your domestic helper to teach your children about healthy cooking practices and get them interested in what's on their plate.

Crafts workshops

Crafts enable kids to develop their motor skills and creativity. Encourage your helper to get them to do crafts, paint (it is okay if things get messy, cleaning up can also be fun!) or make (play doh) sculptures. Why not collect leaves, branches or twigs and start a scrapbook?


Educational activities such as reading aloud or making puzzles should be encouraged too!

Your helper will definitely appreciate that you share ideas and directions with her; however, it is important that you allow her some creative freedom once in a while. Children should not be passive observers – and rarely are – and should be encouraged to act as initiators. Also, keep in mind that structured play is a great way for children to develop in many ways. It is important to dedicate some time to unstructured play, which has many benefits too – including developing their imagination and sparking their creativity. Believe it or not, boredom can at times be a good thing!

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