5 Tips to Manage Your House When Your Domestic Helper Is on Leave

You never quite realise how useful your domestic worker is until they are absent. Whether they are going back to their home country for a few weeks or are taking a break in a different city, it can be difficult to keep track of house management. However, it’s important to keep your house clean and your well looked after throughout this time, and while it may seem tricky, there are lots of ways to do it. Here are five to help you – from spending some time doing a clear-out and getting creative with different childcare solutions to learning how to use automatic washing machines and how to use detergent while doing the laundry yourself.

Plan in advance

The first thing that will make your domestic helper’s time away much easier for you is good planning in advance. When you are employing someone, be sure to check with them any periods of leave already booked. Ask your domestic helper to let you know in good time when they want to take leave so that you’ll have enough notice to make alternative arrangements.

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Dealing with household yourself

In a busy family, the list of household chores could be lengthy and when your domestic helper is away, you might feel overwhelmed while dealing with them by yourself. Start by writing down the household tasks that cannot wait for your domestic helper to come back. Depending on your working schedule, plan the tasks so that you will be able to apply them in an effective way. Give priority to the chores that are more urgent such as washing the dishes, vacuuming and doing the laundry. Knowing how to use automatic washing machine properly, where to put the laundry detergent, or how to vacuum and mop floors are simple learnings that can make your household life easier. And don’t forget that you can always ask your partner to give you a helping hand and to be supportive, especially when you are too busy with other important tasks.

Use the opportunity for a clear out

When your domestic helper is away, you have a number of different options as to how to manage your home during this time. Some people like to use the opportunity to get things sorted around the house in a way that wouldn’t fit into their usual routine. For example, if you know you need to get rid of some things, you could do this while your domestic helper is away. It’s the kind of job you’d need to do yourself considering all the decisions to be made about what to keep and what to throw, so why not do it when you’ve got some time to yourself? Check your wardrobe for clothes you no longer wear and identify toys that are no longer in use by the kids.

Get creative about childcare

Many look after the as well as the house so childcare may also be difficult during their time away. Again, there are lots of possible solutions, so get creative – if you have work commitments which make it difficult to be around, why not find a fun holiday camp for your little ones to attend? Or invite grandparents to visit for the duration of your domestic helper’s leave.

Hire part-time housekeepers

If you’d rather keep your routine going during this time, maybe look into hiring local domestic workers to cover your domestic helper’s leave. Be sure to check local regulations about this as these can vary by country, however, there may be agencies in your city which can supply ad hoc support with cleaning, cooking and childcare for short periods

These are our top for how to deal with the period that your regular domestic helper is away. There are lots of different options, the key is to plan well in advance, so you can work out what’s best for you!

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