Where to Find Cooking Classes for Domestic Helpers in Singapore

Many employers in Singapore are looking forward to upskilling their maids, especially when it comes to improving their cooking skills. Cookbooks do wonders, there is no doubt about it. But it is needless to say that nothing beats actual cooking classes – especially when an experienced professional shows you the (right) way.

The benefits of registering your helper in cooking classes

The benefits as an employer

Not every domestic worker is a good cook, and it is ok, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. You certainly selected her for other amazing skills such as childcare or care.

If your maid is not good at cooking, but willing to learn, it would be a great idea to register her for cooking classes, whether there are focusing on Western or Eastern food. It can also help her cooking healthier or adapt if you are following a specific diet such as vegetarian or vegan.

The benefits of your maid’s future

Apart from her work in your home, most domestic helpers have long-term goals, such as opening their own business back home once they have saved enough money. Attending cooking classes and potentially certifications will be a valuable asset for her future.

Which organisations provide cooking classes for maids in Singapore?

Many organisations are offering – and some are specialising in – hands-on courses and workshops for to teach them the basics, give maids a solid foundation and help them improve their culinary skills.

We mapped some available options for interactive, as well as hands-on, cooking and baking classes for domestic helpers.

Bayanihan Centre

Bayanihan Centre offers classes for domestic helpers focusing on international cuisine as well as basic and more advanced cake decorating. Check out their monthly schedule to keep up with the latest courses available.

Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Skills Training (FAST)

FAST runs basic healthy cooking classes for foreign domestic helpers. Adopting healthy cooking practices can be challenging – starting with an elementary course can make a difference and that’s what FAST’s cooking classes are focusing on.

GrandMother’s Recipes

Grandmothers’ Recipes runs a 5-day course for domestic helpers willing to learn more about traditional Peranakan cuisine. After the course, your helper will know everything about seasoning, picking fresh seafood, planning a 4-course meal and will be comfortable cooking a wide variety of dishes such as Sambal Belacan, Tang Hoon with Prawns, Chicken Soup and Chicken Curry among many others.

Expat Kitchen

Expat Kitchen runs enrichment classes, courses, and master classes for helpers to learn everything about Western cuisine. After completing the 4-week basic course, your maid will be able to master basic kitchen skills, prepare great breakfasts, understand the principles behind salad making, cook a large range of dishes and understand the importance of a balanced diet. Have a look at the course list and pick the one your helper needs.

Little Green Kitchen

Little Green Kitchen offers vegetarian and gluten-free cooking classes. Your helper will get to learn new recipes from all over the world – from Harira Soup to Thai Salad and Karedok among many others.

Chef Siti Mastura

Chef Siti Mastura specialises in baking cookery classes for several types of audiences of all abilities, including helpers. Her Ad-Hoc Classes will help your maid learn how to make bread, bake cakes and biscuits. The Modular Courses focus on pastry making, French Desserts, and Asian High Tea Desserts.

Community Centres

Community centres islandwide offer a large range of classes including cooking classes for helpers (and on top of that at very reasonable prices). Have a look at this comprehensive list of community centres to find one in your local area.

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venicar montaos lambating
venicar montaos lambating
2 years ago

how to registered nd how much the tuitions cost.. good evening.

2 years ago

Hello Venicar. You should be able to find the external links for the corresponding cooking classes centre listed 🙂

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