junk boat with red flag, hong kong skyline, tst harbour

12 Things to Do in Hong Kong During the Summer

Summer in Hong Kong is definitely stiffening. On top of that, humidity and rain can be pretty good deterrents against any form of activity. But, worry not! There are plenty of things to do and many to attend this summer. We have compiled a list of 12 things that will keep you busy and will make you forget everything about the scorching heat.

1. Go all artsy!

Hong Kong definitely has a lot to offer, and the art scene is thriving in many parts of the city. Take some time to visit the many museums and art galleries – make sure that you pay a visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and Hong Kong Science Museum, Gagosian, White Cube and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The good news is that access to most museums in Hong Kong is free on Wednesdays!

2. Enjoy an evening chill out session on one of the many rooftops

Check out Pier 3 Rooftop, Sevva, and Sugar. Sit back, relax, enjoy the breeze, and admire the amazing view!

3. Embark on a junk boat

Also known as Chinese fishing boat – relax, enjoy a refreshing moment, and admire the views! Tickets start at $600 for a 7 to 8-hour ride. Check out Traway and other junk boat companies for more information.

junk boat with red flag, hong kong skyline, tst harbour
4. Ride the ferry at night for memorable experience

You’ll get to enjoy the breeze, admire beautiful sceneries, and be mesmerized by a bevvy of lights.

5. Go ice skating

Escape the scorching heat and cool off at one of the many ice rinks.

6. Go off the beaten path

Head to Discovery Bay Rock Pool. This hidden natural poolis the perfect place to be for nature lovers.

7. Visit Tin Shui Wai’s wetland park

It is a great chance to get acquainted With Hong Kong’s amazing natural wildlife.

8. Hit the movies and check out the latest releases

There is definitely a multitude of options to choose from this summer, and it is a great way to avoid Hong Kong rainy weather!

9. Get tricked!

The 3D Trick Eye Museum is a delightful mix of weird and fun. Your will it – and, no doubt you will too! Tickets cost$150 for adults and $100 for and senior citizens.

10. Experience complete darkness, all while being guided by a blind person.

Dialogue in the Dark is a must-try experience! You will be surprised to see how your senses get attuned to total darkness. Tickets cost $160 – $180 for adults and $80 – $90 for senior citizens.

11. Visit Disneyland

Get ready to meet legendary and supernatural heroes. Your little ones will be all over the moon! The Disney Magical World 4D Museum doors will be opened all summer. Breaking news: this summer, Marvel Super Heroes are all gathering at Disneyland. Tickets cost $655 for adults and $85 for children for a 2-day pass to the park.

12. Head to Sha Tin Townhall Auditorium

Here, you can catch a beautiful performance of one of the most touching literary gems; The Little Prince by the City Contemporary Dance Company. Tickets cost $140-$250. Dates: from August 11 to 13.

Are you planning other activities? Please share them with us letting us a comment below!

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