11 ways to celebrate Hong Kong Establishment Day

Hong Kong Establishment Day is right around the corner. For that special occasion, we have compiled a list of the 11 must-sees and do activities on July 1st (and all over the weekend) in celebration of the 20th anniversary of HKSAR Establishment Day.

fireworks in hong kong
  1. What better way to kick-start the celebrations than dancing? On Friday night, we recommend that you head over to the HK20 Lan Kwai Fong Handover Party in Lan Kwai Fong to enjoy Chinese cultural dancing and performances with a special appearance of Moutai Baijiu – and many others too!
  2. If you enjoy good music, then you will appreciate chilling and having a good time at the H2 Live Music Festival that will be held all over the weekend in Wan Chai. You can also head over to the Summer Block Party in Wan Chai where you will get to appreciate the sound of acoustic music by local bands – and a multitude of delicacies!
  3. Go out and take part in the numerous traditional July 1 protests that will be held all over the city – do not to miss out on lion dances, performances, and carnivals as well as fashion shows near Aberdeen Street.
  4. Go artsy and all cultural by heading to Heritage Vogue: Hollywood Road on July 1st. This two-day street carnival will give you the opportunity to rediscover Hong Kong’s rich history and heritage – make sure to embark on one of the guided tours of the historic buildings in the area.
  5. Pay a visit to the galleries around Hollywood Road to attend special exhibitions in celebration of Establishment Day and take part in flash mob dances!
  6. Switch to your explorer mode and go street art hunting all over the city.
  7. Take some time over the weekend to check out Snackshot – a new dessert eatery in Marpole. Snackshot is all about Hong Kong from its oh-so-retro décor and setting to the traditional desserts served. A must-try!
  8. Take time for a (well-deserved) weekend getaway and escape the city. There are so many amazing options out there to choose from that you won’t even know where to start – if you are in for a zen weekend getaway at the beach then consider Lantau, Cheung Sha or Ma Dai Stream.
  9. If you are a nature lover and enjoy camping, then the OPAC Establishment Day Festival on Lantau Island is right where you need to be. This ‘tribal-like village’ will be hosting a to celebrate the 20-year anniversary.
  10. Go trekking in one of the countless hiking trails and enjoy the diversity of sceneries, panoramic city views, and reconnect with nature.
  11. Add a touch of magic to your celebrations! The highlights of these celebrations may just be July 1st Fireworks-watching never gets old. Do not miss it out and make sure to pick a good viewing point!

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