101 Introduction to photography

On April 23, 2017, the HelperChoice team had an exciting time in Victoria Park, Hong Kong. After meeting at Tin Hau station, we spent a lovely moment with all the cheerful and energetic helpers who enjoyed their Sunday off with us learning about photography – despite the rain that caught us by surprise!

Credit: Joy
Credit: Joy

On that occasion, 3 fabulous budding lady photographers shared a few photography tips with the rest of us to help us understand what makes a great photography and how to click one using the manual mode only. First things first, we learnt how to effectively operate a camera as some of us had never really had the opportunity to operate one before.

Credit: Arista Devi
Credit: Arista Devi

Thanks to Esha – one of our passionate photographers – we found out that to take a great picture we must first focus on our target, let related feelings emerge and try to understand why it has caught our attention. If you manage to do that, you are pretty much sure that the result will be brilliant. Of course, we also learn that practice makes perfect!

Credit: Marilou 'At home we always have a compost bin to be friendly with the environment.'
Credit: Marilou
‘At home we always have a compost bin to be friendly with the environment.’

Towards the end of the afternoon we all took some time to share with others one of the many pictures we had clicked. All in all, this 101 Introduction Session to Photography was more than that; we got inspired, had a lot of fun, created new friendships, and had the opportunity to interact with super nice people in the midst of happiness and positive energy!

We at HelperChoice are really looking forward to the next event and would like to thank all of you budding photographers for sharing that moment with us!

If you are planning any event with helpers and looking to collaborate, you are more than welcome to drop us a line at contact@helperchoice.com or via Facebook.