10 Things to Do in Singapore This Summer

Singapore’s weather can be awfully hot and humid and the idea of going out under such extreme temperatures can be daunting for many of us. Worry not – we have compiled a list of ideas of cool spots for you to hit during the summer and beat the heat:

  1. Go hiking along the Southern Ridges up until the Labrador Nature Reserve. You’ll get to appreciate the stunning view and catch a great breath of fresh air!
  2. Go on a river cruise on Clarke Quay and escape the heat. You’ll definitely get to catch the breeze. Take time to admire one of the most spectacular views of Marina Bay – especially at sunset.
  3. Take a trip back in time and head to Pulau Ubin – a rural island located only a 10-minute bum boat from Changi Village. If you are feeling like it, hike the Chek Jawa wetlands trail.
  4. The Climate Change Exhibition at the Science Centre Singapore is well worth the visit. Your will learning about climate change in a fun and interactive way – they’ll even get to learn how clouds are formed!
  5. Head over to Changi and explore the area. You’ll definitely be surprised – it is more than just the home to one of the biggest airports in the world – by the many fishing villages and the great food. If you have time, pay a visit to the POW Camp museum.
  6. Rediscover Singapore’s flourishing and diverse art scene. The ArtScience Museum is currently hosting a permanent exhibition Future World to explore the tech and digital world. The exhibition will be running up until December 2017 and updated with new pieces.
  7. ‘Dive deep’ into E.A Aquarium, explore the various (hidden) wonders oceans have to offer and broaden your horizons. You’ll get to enjoy the serenity and the coolness of the spot while learning about marine life.
  8. Gardens by the Bay are one of the coolest spots on the island and are definitely worth a visit. We recommend that you check out the Cloud Forest and its incredible indoor waterfall – the tallest in the world! – and the Flower Dome which is currently hosting a new exhibition Tulipmania. The Children’s Garden even has a water play area for to cool off!
  9. Catch the breeze at Punggol Waterway Park. If you enjoy bird-watching, cycling or even skating, then this is definitely the place to be. On top of that, your will absolutely the watery playground.
  10. Beat the heat at Snow City and catch real snow – yes, you read it right! There is even a Snow Blizzard Experiment!

Do you have other ideas to beat the heat in Singapore? Share them commenting the article just below!

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